Thurman’s prediction makes sense


Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas was on WGR 550 on Thursday and predicted that quarterback Brian Brohm would be the eventual winner.

With the comments that Thomas made and the type of wide receiver head coach Chan Gailey has gone on record liking the pick makes sense.

According to WGR 550, the reason that Brohm failed in Green Bay is that he admitted he go lazy and didn’t put in the work.

What caught Thomas’s eye was the fact the way Brohm kept questioning him on the way things Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly handled things when they were teammates in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The reason is that it obviously shows that Brohm wants to be a starting successful quarterback real bad and that is the exact kind of desire it takes to become one.

Gailey has gone on record stating that he likes tall wide receivers and the one thing that Brohm specializes in is the fade route, which according to WGR’s Paul Hamilton is usually dead accurate.

If anything Bills fans should be excited as usually high quarterback draft picks that sit and learn for two years before they start usually become franchise quarterbacks, and Brohm got his first start in week 16 of his second season only due to injuries.

In the end, it looks like the Bills may have finally found their franchise quarterback.

Another nail in the coffin


Many people are starting to question the working hours of National Football League coaches who can work 18 hour days sometimes.

Well you can add another nail in that coffin.

Many people know Jeremy Green from ESPN, but there may be some that may not realize that he is the son of former Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings head coach Dennis Green.

That means while the elder Green was away coaching the younger Green was molested by someone and may have never told anyone.

Usually people that are molested do it in turn and use drugs to cope with the memories.

Obviously, parents cannot be around a child 24/7, but when a parent is home more one can usually tell when something is up, but when you are away so much you cannot tell the difference as you wouldn’t be familiar with the way they act.

In the end, it is time for the NFL to put limits on coaching hours per a day and find a way to make sure it is enforced.