Thank god for the franchise tag


The National Basketball Association has been a three ring circus since free agency opened as Lebron James is a free agent.

Simply, thank god for the franchise tag.

In the NBA superstars hold the power as the players have been the ones in control at the bargaining table.

Now, the reult is chaos and fans left sobbing over their favorite stars leaving for the almighty dollar or to join a team to make it an instant contender.

In the National Football League players know if they get to free agency they are lucky as teams pay good young players usually right away.

In the end, when the new collective bargaining agreement is signed it will still contain the franchise tag.

Raiders have Issues


It has been known for a while that the Oakland Raiders don’t like the press.

However, the latest incident shows that the Raiders have some major issues.

According to the Oakland Tribune, via Pro Football Talk, the Raiders hired Craig Dickerson to be an assistant special teams coordinator, and never told anyone.

Alright, that is down right petty as we are talking about an assistant. Like who really cares about an assistant coach outside the fans of the team.

In the end Raiders owner Al Davis needs to get a life.