Another example of stiffer penalties being needed


National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell implemented the Personal Conduct policy in an effort to curb the amount of player’s arrest that were happening.

Even though the policy has put a dent into it a little bit stiffer penalties are needed to get through the players that have thicker heads.

Every offseason there are players that still get into trouble and this year is no different.  If anything there are even more arrests as police have been cracking down on speeders who were then caught drinking and driving.

The only way to get players not to drink and drive is to make the penalties so stiff that players won’t even dare chance it.

In the end, there is a way to curb the amount or arrests, but it will take some out of the box thinking by the NFL to do so.

Signs point to Farve playing in 2010


With the summer upon us things are heating up like usual in the annual Brett Farve watch.

However, with today’s news signs are pointing to Farve playing in 2010.

According to Minneapolis Star-Tribune, via Pro Football Talk, Farve has started throwing passes at the Hattiesberg, Mississippi high school.

Him starting to throw passes at the local high school is a precursor for Farve getting ready for the upcoming football season.

In the end, hopefully Farve can play at the same level as he did last year.