Bass Pro debacle sends a clear message


For a decade now it has been planned that Bass Pro would anchor the downtown Buffalo, NY waterfront development, but that reality came to a screeching halt as Bass Pro has formally pulled out of the project.

This sends a clear message that if Buffalo is going to keep the Bills and for New York State to prosper again the current constitution needs to be scrapped all together.

I know for sure that the United States Constitution can be scrapped by following certain procedures and I don’t doubt that is the same case for New York State.

To me the most glaring sign of how bad it is in New York is a line uttered from ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, “New York State is the most taxed state and has the least to show in regards to athletic facilities.

Obviously, this was before the New York Giants and Jets new stadium, but he is right.  Before New York City got its act together with stadiums the last time a stadium had major renovations done was Bills’ Ralph Wilson Stadium in the late 1990’s and the last brand new pro athletic facility that was built was the Buffalo Sabres’  HSBC Arena in 1996.

In the end, if something isn’t done politically soon they will have to divide up New York State just so people can have the basic necessities in life.

Will Gailey use Nelson the right way


For the first time since Jay Riemersma the Buffalo Bills have a exceptional receiving tight end in Shawn Nelson.

The question is will Gailey use him the right way?

For a long time now tight ends in the Bills offense have been blockers or simple dump off options.

With Nelson that should change since he was a former wide receiver he has the speed to separate from strong safeties and good route running skills.

There are already some indications of this as in the Buffalo News it is mentioned that one of quarterback Trent Edwards passes hit tight end Jonathan Stupar on a seam route.

Geesh, when was the last time the Bills actually used that type of route in a football game? Probably most likely in the glory days of the early 1990’s with tight ends Keith McKellar and Pete Metzelaars.

In the end, if the Bills offense is going to be successful this year they need to take advantage of Nelson’s skills.

Did Shanahan shoot himself in foot


Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan forced nose tackle Albert Haynesworth to retake the conditioning test.

The question is now did Shanahan shoot himself in the foot doing so?

According to Pro Football Talk, Haynesworth had to skip the conditioning test Saturday to rest as he has developed a swollen knee.

The fact of the matter is that Haynesworth is a nose tackle and nose tackles don’t have to run down the field. So, when a head coach forces a nose tackle to take a 300 yard conditioning test there is going to be problems.

A swollen knee indicates something is torn within the knee, so at the least Haynesworth will miss two weeks to recover from orthroscopic surgery. Obviously, it can be longer if they discover something major wrong.

Just because Haynesworth is a National Football League player doesn’t mean he can run as far as you want him to. Haynesworth is a grossly overweight human that cannot run that far.

In the end, if Shanahan keeps pushing Haynesworth like this after he returns there is a good chance he could lose him for the season.

Fight means nothing


In the Buffalo Bills afternoon practice a fight broke out between outside linebacker Aaron Maybin and gaurd Geoff Hangartner after Maybin hit running back Fred Jackson from behind.

As much as people may want to look at this being a positive it means nothing.

Many people have commented that they are bappy with the offensive line coming to Jackson’s defense as it shows a new attitude.

However, where the attitude really matters is in the trenches on game day.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News hinted at this as he wrote the Bills have been much better running the football in practice. That essentially means they are serious about this attitude.

Hopefully, this will come to fruition on game day as I myself always played with the attitude of anyone in an opposing jersey you rip their head off and you know what down their throat. Of course I expect that from the Bills offensive and defensive line.

If there is one thing for sure the defense is bound and determined to be a top unit this year as they were hitting offensive players hard in the passing game, which should lead to more fights this year if they are serious about the attitude.

In the end, for the first time in a long time training camp will be fun again for Bills fans.

Bills 2009 Draft class hits another bump


The Buffalo Bills 2009 National Football League Draft class looked like it was heading in the right direction with the immediate impact of first round gurad Eric Wood and second round cornerback turned safety Jarius Byrd.

However, the draft class has hit another bump in the road as the Bills wiaved/ failed phsyical linebacker Nic Harris.

That means there are a couple of options.

If Harris was injured off the field he would have been placed on the non football injuries list.

That means either Harris showed up for camp out of shape or he suffered an injury in the Bills weight room training.

In any which way if Harris clears waivers he will be put on injured reserve ending his season.

To replace him on the roster the Bills signed linebacker Donovan Woods.

In the end, the Bills are already off to a bad start with injuries.

Leave it to Shanahan to create more drama


After a long offseason dispute between defensive lineman Albery Haynesworth and the Washington Redskins Haynesworth showed up for the start of training camp, which you think would be the end of the story.

However, that isn’t the case as head coach Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan created more drama today.

According to Fox’s Jay Glazer, which was confirmed by the Washington Post, and which we learned through Pro Football Talk, Haynesworth failed his conditioning test over going to the brathroom.

Apparantly the break was too long for Shanahan’s liking, but the thing is we are talking about a player that is going to play nose tackle. All nose tackles do is get out of their stances, stand still, and make sure they don’t get pushed backwords so the middle linebacker are free.

In the end, what it really is Shanahan getting revenge on Haynesworth for whining all this past offseason.

Edwards still has to prove it


It was to no surprise that Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey has pegged quarterback Trent Edwards on top of the depth chart as he has always been a solid practice player.

However, for him to be named the starter he needs to prove it on the field.

Even during last year’s preseason Edwards showed hesitation as he kept checking down to running backs.

If he hopes to win the starting position Edwards must show he is willing to throw the football where he has to in order to make the play.

With Gailey being a former quarterback in the National Football League if he doesn’t fellow quarterback Brian Brohm will become the starter.

In the end, even though it is only training camp it is crunch time already for Edwards.

Spiller could be in sooner than later


When NFL Network’s Steve Wyche broke news yesterday on Buffalo Bills second round draft pick nose tackle Torell Troup stated that first round pick CJ Spiller could take a while.

However, Spiller could be in now sooner rather than later.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Oakland Raiders have announced that they have signed eighth overall pick Rolando McClain.

That means the max that Spiller can get has been set by the Raiders, which will make contract negotiations go easier with Spiller.

In the end, don’t be surprised if Spiller is in by the end of the weekend.

Poz is limited


I checked my phone a little after six to my dismay that there were two text messages from the Buffalo Bills as I am signed up for text alerts.

The first one was of course the team announcing the signing of second round pick nose tackle Torell Troup.

However, the second one took me by surprise as the Bills announce starting middle linebacker Paul Posluszny will be limited the first couple weeks of camp due to offseason groin surgery.

My theory is that Poz tore hise groin while weight lifting. More specifically he most likely tore it while doing sets of squats.

Now that I think of it more announcements like about groin injuries won’t be surprising as the new strength and conditioning coaches have forced players to start doing squats after years of not doing them, which strong safety Donte Whitner admitted to earlier this year.

In the end, hopefully Poz won’t retear his groin during the season like free safety Jarius Byrd did.

Troup deal done as expected


Last week I wrote that Buffalo Bills second round draft pick nose tackle Torell Troup’ s deal should be done by the start of training camp.

As expected a deal with Troup is done before the start of training camp.

According to NFL Network’s Steve Wyche, via Pro Football Talk, the Bills reached an agreement with Troup today.

That means Troup will be at Saint John Fisher for the start of training camp tomorrow and will sign the deal tonight or tomorrow morning.

Troup was the bigger deal to get done due to the fact that he has the bigger potential to have more of an impact.  Most likely Troup will play on first and second downs while nose tackle Kyle Williams will come in on third downs.

In the end, hopefully, Troup will be the run stuffer that the Bills drafted him to be.