Loud and clear


It was revealed today that former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy before he died last year.

Already, the message of how dangerous football can be even at the lower levels is ringing loud and clear to current National Football League players.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, via Pro Football Talk,  Andrew Whitworth, who played with Henry all four years, said, “It’s kind of fearful. It’s shocking that a guy you played with and didn’t really play with that long could be diagnosed (with it).”

This is not a revelation to me as in my senior year of high school I suffered about 100 minor concussions, which are just getting purple spots before your eyes and dizzy for a moment.

Also, at the high school level many schools don’t inform kids on the dangers of concussions and the different types of them so there are many instances where a player will play after one.

In the end, CTE is an epidemic that affects all levels of football and must be addressed immediately.

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