People who make millions can still go broke


On June 25th it was reported by multiple media outlets that New Orleans Saints quarterback Mark Brunell has filed for bankruptcy protection.

It is just another example that it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t plan carefully you could lose it all.

Brunell through out his 15 year career has made more than $52 million, but that is gone due to failed real estate investments.

It is all too often that players during their career get bad advice from people, which results in the loss of millions.

The best advice I heard from a former NFL player during a radio interviews was that a financial planner told him to wait after he was done with football as he would be more able to keep track of how his money is doing.

Current players just are too trustworthy and sometimes leave matters of a certain nature to a specific person.

In the end, hopefully some will learn from Brunell’s story.

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