Soccer will never overtake football


The dumbest tournament that is held every four years is once again over for the United States early as they were eliminated Saturday 2-1 by Ghana and to be honest with you I only watched maybe a minute of it when I walked into the Anchor Bar to pickup my order and while I was waiting I glanced to see what the score was of the match.

The fact of the matter is that soccer will never over take football.

The main difference between the two sports is that football evolves each year and is never the same as the previous as coaches are always implementing new techniques and plays to fool the opposition.

Soccer on the other hand hasn’t changed at all over the past 100 years with the exception being substitutions.

Also, soccer is mind numbingly boring as all there is to it is players passing the ball around trying to make the pretty play and get an open shot.  That results in only fives saves or less for a goal keeper.

Many people that love soccer compare it to hockey, but the problem is that they aren’t even close as hockey has a lot more hits and shots on goal, which brings a lot more excitement.

Now, of course there are soccer fans that always point out that there is about 15 minutes of action in football.  The thing is they are wrong as there is a  lot more action.

Now, what I am talking about isn’t physical it is mental as the 30 seconds is a chess match between the middle linebacker and the quarterback as they are making adjustments top make sure their play is better than the opposition.  All the while the fans at the stadium and at home are doing the exact same thing.

The greatest coaches and generals are ones that can predict their enemies movements and reactions to decisions they make, which gives a person a sense of gratification and feeling that they as well know what is best for their favorite team.

In the end, there are too many nuances to the game of football that will always keep other sports from knocking them off as the top sport in America.

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