Bush’s failures point to his ego


New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has been a huge disappointment on the football field after being highly hyped coming out of college.

His failure on the field all point to his ego.

According to Sports By Brooks, via Pro Football Talk, Bush back in October 2005 was suppose to pick up then potential recruit Percy Harvin who made an official visit with the team and entertain him.

Instead, Bush left Harvin waiting for him waiting in his hotel room while instead had dinner with family and prospective marketing agents partners Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels.

It goes to show that Lake and Michaels inflated Bush’s ego to the point that he felt he was above entertaining others.

In the National Football League Bush hasn’t done the work that is necessary to succeed and it shows in the constant injuries that Bush suffers each year.

Many NFL experts say that injuries are caused by being smaller, but that is not true as injuries are caused by the body’s inability to handle the stress that is being put on their bodies when battling defenders.

In the end, Bush will never truly be great until he loses the ego and do the work necessary.

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