Last chance to impress


The Buffalo Bills are in their final week of  organized team activities which will end with a minicamp.

For the quarterbacks it means a one last chance to impress before head coach Chan Gailey ranks the quarterbacks.

Gailey announced last week that he will rank the quarterback that way to get one prepared for the regular season even though the competition is still open.

The reality is though the person that is ranked first will most likely be the starter on opening day.

The announcement is a good thing not only for Bills fans, but properly evaluating the quarterbacks as the announcement has added pressure that would only usually come via a game.

Obviously, many are hoping that quarterback Brian Brohm will win the job as they are sick of quarterback Trent Edwards.

Brohm’s skill set would fit what Gailey likes to do as he likes tall wide receivers and Brohm’s touch on fade routes is superb above.

In the end, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally getting brighter.

NFL labor problems are getting uglier by the day


All National Football League fans knows of the elephant in the corner, which is the labor problems between the NFL and NFLPA.

With what happened yesterday things are only getting uglier.

Yesterday Special Master Stephen Burbank ruled against the NFL in a dispute against the NFLPA as two people signed contracts with the Miami Dolphins took bonus money and then just quit.

according to Pro Football Talk, the NFL reponded with this on their website, “The CBA was never intended to allow players who violate their contracts, commit crimes, or quit on their teams to keep bonus money paid to them in good faith by the clubs, whether it’s $7,000 or much more,” NFL general counsel Jeff Pash said. “This is money that should be available to rookies and veterans who actually perform, but the union has continually sought rulings that allow players who breach their contracts to take the money and run. The illogical and unintended consequences of these rulings are one of the many reasons why the current CBA needs to be changed. We are committed to addressing this issue in our negotiations with the NFLPA and reaching a CBA that prevents these kinds of results in the future.”

It is clear that everyone in the NFL is sick and tired of a bad deal that everyone from fans to former NFL commissioner Paul Taglibue to take in order to preserve peace.

Even if owners lose the dispute over television contracts there is still a good possibility of a lockout as owners will figure a way to pay the bills with loan deferrements and loans.

After all billionaires didn’t become billionaires by giving up, but rather with resourceful thinking and strategic planning.

In the end, things are only going to get worst before they get better.