The results are in


In an article we recently stated that if the National Football League did a study on injuries on field turf compared to natural grass there would be an increase.

Well a study has already been done and the results are in.

According to the Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal, via Pro Football Talk, in court documents the in a lawsuit against the Minnesota Vikings the team stated, “Medically, FieldTurf has proven to increase risk and severity of injury in NFL players,” the Vikings said, according to documents filed by the commission in response to FieldTurf’s lawsuit. The team cites an NFL study that found the rate of anterior cruciate ligament injuries is 88 percent higher in games played on FieldTurf than in games played on grass.”

This is not a surprise as I stated before the only difference between astro turf and fieldturf is that fieldturf has thin plastic strips to simulate blades of grass with black rubber pellets for a little cushioning woven into a carpet.

In the end, the only way to decrease the amount of ACL injuries and leg muscle injuries is to use natural grass only.

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