The same old problem


Many National Football League Teams have installed the new field turf into their stadiums as it looks and feels like natural grass compared to the old astro turf.

However, just cause it looks like grass doesn’t mean it decreases the rate of anterior cruciate ligament and muscle injuries.

The new field turf at the new home of the New York Jets and Giants have already claimed its first victim in Giants wide receiver Domenik Hixon.

According to Ohm Youngmisuk of, Giants wide receiver Steve Smith and Giants Safety Antrel Role Hixon was just running and never even made a cut.

What people forget is that it is still a carpet as instead of tightly woven plastic like carpet field turf is blades of plastic woven into carpet with compact rubber pellets providing some cushion.

If anything field turf is worst as on astro turf all you had to wear was a decent set of cross trainers to get a grip, but with field turf you have to wear spikes and due to this the rate of injury in regards to ACL and muscle injuries have most likely increased.

In the end, football was meant to be played on natural grass and until the National Football League Players Association realizes this that rate of injuries in the NFL will remain high.

Are players blowing the whistle on purpose


Thursday came news that the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars would lose two organized team activity practice due to violations of the collective bargaining agreement.

One has to start wondering if all the whistle blowing is on purpose.

Over the last several offseasons there were several reports that teams had contact in practices when they were not to, but nothing was ever done.

Now, with the CBA set to expire after this year and with the rule changes that have held some players back from hitting the unrestricted free agent market.

Many of them have signed their tenders, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any lingering effects from it.

In the end, who ever blew the whistle on their team better be able to keep their mouth shut, because if they don’t the head coach will eventually find out who it is and will make their life miserable.

Final Fantasy XIII is poorly done by Square Enix


Square Enix set the industry standard of role play games with its release of Final Fantasy VII in 1997.

However, with the release of Final Fantasy XII the company has hit a new low as the game is utterly unplayable.

What made Final Fantasy VII great was the combination of a great characters, solid plot, and easy fun interactive game play that allowed users to be able to focus in on the characters.

FF XIII the game play is so terrible and hard it completely takes away from the characters and plot, which is decent.

However, Square Enix wanted to take the game play in the direction of Diablo and Warcraft instead of keeping their signature style, which resulted in a disaster.

In Diablo weapons and money were plentiful to accumulate enough wealth to buy more advanced weapons and armor, which was similar to earlier Final Fantasy games.

For whatever reason the makers of this game decided to make money available scarcely via treasure orbs and to make players gather money through items and weapons.

The problem with this is that weapons and items are very scarce throughout and are just as scarce in battles with monsters.

As for spells and attacks, in Final Fantasy VIIĀ  each character was unique through strengths that one acquired via leveling even though each character could have the same exact amount of spells.

In FFXII you are basically given three different set of skills and each skill is different from other characters who have the same skills as they wanted to go via Blizzard’s Diablo II.

The problem is that each skill set doesn’t have enough powerful spells and attacks to allow easier game play and control over a game like Diablo.

What I also like about the game was the special attacks characters go after taking a certain amount of hits, but in this one the only thing that happens is that a monster becomes easier to attack.

Whoopie freaking doo!!!

Fortunately, the fixes are easy as they are just making items and money more available and make each character unique like Lighting only a commando or Hope a ravenger with more powerful spells and attacks.

In the end, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone as it i too hard to play, and that is coming from a person has has played every Final Fantasy game, so imagine how hard it is for teenage newcomers.