Washington faces a big dilemma


Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth wants to be traded.

That has created an interesting dilemma for the Redskins considering what was rumored to have happened with Haynesworth last year.

Many media outlets believe that since Haynesworth signed quickly after the start of free agency last year that there was tampering involved.

If that is true then Haynesworth has a huge bargaining chip as if he opens his mouth and tells National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell that there was the Redskins would most likely lose a first round draft pick.

First round picks are huge assets to a team and to have one stripped away would stunt the development of the team.

In the end, this is what the Redskins get for signing Haynesworth.

Who has the edge at qb on the Bills?


Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey revealed after practice today that a quarterback depth chart will determined by the start of training camp in order to start getting a quarterback ready, which means that the most likely starter will be named by the beginning of training camp.

That has me wondering which quarterback has the edge.

Gailey did go on to say that the competition will still be open, but he wants to start getting someone prepared for opening day and splitting first team reps will probably get nobody ready.

Gailey is not even quite ready to do that as he stated who he thinks has the edge has changed every several days.

What people need to remember is that Gailey is looking for the quarterback that knows the offense he is installing best as that player will be the one that will be the best to execute the offense on the field when the regular season starts.

Also, Gailey has gone on record saying that he is really waiting to see the bullets fly to determine the starting quarterback.

What all this means that even though there will be a pecking order what is going to determine the starting quarterback is how the current roster of quarterbacks execute the offense in preseason games.

In the end, Bills fans are just going to have to be patient as we are about two months away from a starter being set.