Its only a matter of time


The National Football League has seen more than its share of players getting arrested due to altercation at a night club or strip club.

With Tennessee Titan quarterback Vince Young receiving a citation for assault at a Dallas strip club today it is only a matter of time before teams start writing into contracts barring them from these type of clubs.

Many NFL teams already write into contracts barring players from riding motorcycles.

For whatever reason players cannot stay away from these type of clubs and considering all the trouble it causes yearly for players its mind boggling that players don’t stay away.

In the end, if players cannot help themselves then teams will have to do it for them.

Looks like Young has learned nothing


Sports by Brooks, via Pro Football Talk, has posted a video on its site regarding the alleged assault by Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young.

What it really goes to show is that Young has learned nothing from prior incidents.

According to the report, another person at the strip club he was at made an upside down longhorn gesture with his hands.

Young didn’t take that very well and tried to hit the guy, which in the process he almost hit a woman.

Young previously was pictured at a party with his shirt off.

Also, you think he know better of the dangers of strip clubs from former teammate Adam “Pacman” Jones.

In the end, Titans head coach Jeff Fisher can expect to lose Young to suspension under the Personal Conduct Policy for several games.