Hold outs can forget a big pay day


There are a lot of players holding out for new contracts like San Diego Charges left tackle Marcus McNeil and wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

However, I got some bad news for them and others holding out as they aren’t going to get paid this year.

National Football League Owners and teams would love to get contracts done with key players, but there is one problem. That problem being the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement in 2011.

Also, owners are hell bent on getting players to make major concessions in regard to a rookie salary cap, the way the salary cap is configured, and some other areas.

With the National Football League Players association challenging the the provision that television networks still make a payment in 2011 to the NFL owners are going to have to start reeling in spending and that starts with the players as that is where more than 59.6 percent of sales revenue goes.

In the end, restricted free agents who haven’t signed their tenders are better off signing them before June 15th when teams can lower the tender, because if they don’t then they will be playing for peanuts.