Tate gets lucky


Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate was caught by police trespassing inside a Top Pot doughnut shop in Seattle, WA.

However, Tate got lucky as he was let off with a warning.

According to TMZ, via Pro Football Talk, the people at Top Pot opted not to press charges, which probably stems from the fact that they recently signed a deal to become the official coffee and doughnut partner of Quest Field, which is the home of the Seahawks.

Obviously, Top Pot didn’t want to make the Seahawks mad by pressing chargers on Tate, which would then hurt their ability to get a new deal done when the current one expires.

In the end, Tate may have gotten lucky this time, but next time he pulls something he won’t be.

Finally a real coach


Former Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron catered to players, which created a terrible atmosphere as some players had different rules than others.

However, the Bills finally have a real head coach in Chan Gailey.

According to NFL.com’s Vic Carucci, Gailey is locked into a battle of wills with running back Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch is skipping organized team activities in protest over the fact that the Bills refuse to trade him as they want nothing less than a fourth rounder in return, which the obviously haven’t gotten.

Gailey expects Lynch get on board with the program and act like he is apart of the team.

According to the source, “Chan is not going to approach this like (his predecessor, Dick) Jauron,” the source said. “He’s not going to handle things the way Dick did with Jason Peters (the offensive tackle the Bills eventually traded to the Philadelphia Eagles after he held out in a contract dispute). Lynch is going to get on board with his program, period. ”

If Lynch doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee even after his contract expires he could still be stuck a Bill if he holds out the first 30 days of training camp the next two years.  The reason being that a player under a salary cap has to have four years of service and if the player reports after the 30 days he cannot acquire a year of service even if he reports.

In other words, if Lynch reports to training camp after 30 days the next two years he will be stuck on 3 years of  service when his contract expires and will not be eligible for unrestricted free agency and will be a mere restricted free agent.

In the end, someone needs to pull Lynch aside and whack him up side his head to knock some commonsense into his head as he clearly has none right now.