Bills indeed get lucky


It was at first feared that rookie offensive tackle Ed Wang will be lost for the year.

Then over the weekend a source told Pro Football Talk that the initial diagnosis was just a high ankle sprain.

Well indeed the Bills got lucky as the same source confirmed it is indeed a high ankle sprain.

That is good news considering that the Bills had bad luck last year with injuries.

The Bills still will have injuries in 2010, but just not as many with all the changes to the strength and conditioning program.

In the end, it still is good to see that another offensive lineman wasn’t lost for the year.

All signs are pointing to a west coast offense


According to reports Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards is the odds on favorite to win the starting quarterback position.

If that is the case, along with some other factors, signs are pointing to the Bills implementing a west coast offense in 2010.

ESPN’s Tim Graham recently posted an article that had some interesting insight from fellow ESPN colleague Trent Dilfer on Edwards.

“I understand the Captain Checkdown label,” Dilfer said. “I understand how that bothers some people, and I don’t think Trent would argue in the sense he grew up and was taught and trained in a West Coast model, which is ‘completion first.’ You’re always thinking ‘completion,’ and in the NFL that completion many times is in the form of a checkdown.”

Bills head caoch Chan Gailey is known for running whatever offense the personnel is suited for based on their strengths.

Considering that three offensive lineman are going into their second year of starting, wide receivers like Lee Evans and Roscoe Parrish that can create yards after the catch, a talented tight end in Shawn Nelson, and a quarterback in Edwards that already has the philosophies of a west coast offense down the west coast offense is the most likely offense they will run in 2010.

What it will essentially do is get the ball out of Edwards hands to whoever is open faster and not allow defenders to get to the quarterback with option routes and and short routes like drags and quick slants.

In the end, the offense isn’t going to be as bad as everyone is predicting.