Lewand shouldn’t be suspended


Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand was recently busted for DUI and there after admitted that he was an alcoholic.

Even though many National Football League players are calling for Lewand to be suspended he shouldn’t be.

The thing is that NFL players are only suspended for a second arrest and are usually given a warning by the NFL league office.

That very same concept should apply to front office employees and if that is the case Lewand would only be warned by the league office as this is Lewand’s first offense.

Players should be careful for what they wish for as if Goodell implement a stiff penalty on Lewand it will then transfer to them.

In the end, treat people the way you want to be treated.

Things don’t look good for Steelers


The Pittsburgh Steelers season was already on shaky ground with the suspension of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for at least four games.

However, it has gotten worst for the Steelers and it doesn’t look good for their season.

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, via Pro Football Talk, Steelers right tackle Willie Colon has been lost for the season as MRI results indeed show that he tore his achillies tendon while working out at team facillities

On top of that fifth round draft pick Chris Scott broke his foot at his alma matter the University of Tennessee.

To replace Colon the Steelers signed offensive tackle Jonathan Scott who played with the Bills last year.

In the end, if the Steelers coaching staff is any good they will find a way to win.

Winston has a point


Houston Texans offensive tackle Eric Winston filled in for SI.com’s Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback.

Of the points he made one of them stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Winston stated that the NFLPA and the players fo believe in a rookie wage scale just like th owners.

Where the problem Is that NFLPA wants the money to go back to current players or to the retiree’s who played before 1993.

I have to admit that I hate the tatics the NFLPA have been using, but if this is true then they are right on the situation as the money to fund increased pensions should come from somewhere on the players side and this is the answer.

That would mean 60 percent goes to the NFLPA, but two percent, or whatever it is, would go to retirees and the the remaining would go to players.

Now, don’t get me wrong the players still need to conceed a lot still in regards to the salary cap as they are making way too much than the smaller market can handle.

The proof is with the Green Bay Packers as under the total football revenue to figure the salary cap the Packers profits have gone from $34 million to under $20 million.

In the end, if the players don’t make concessions even the Packers will have to move.

Bills made the right move not going after Vick


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick once again is in trouble after a shooting outside a club where he was holding a birthday party.

With how the person was that got shot the Buffalo Bills are lucky they didn’t trade for Vick.

According to Pro Football Talk, the person that got shot was Quanis Phillips who was one of his partners with Bad Newz Kennels.

The thing is that according to the official order containing the terms of his probation is that Vick was not to associate with Phillips at all.

Vick apparently thought that there was only a six month ban on associating with convicted felons.

With Phillips being the person that was shot the FBI should start poking around, which will most likely result in Vick being sent back to jail.

That would of meant the Bills would have been without a quarterback for 2010 and would have to go with whoever is the backup.

In the end, the Bills finally look to be moving in the right direction.

Loud and clear


It was revealed today that former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy before he died last year.

Already, the message of how dangerous football can be even at the lower levels is ringing loud and clear to current National Football League players.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, via Pro Football Talk,  Andrew Whitworth, who played with Henry all four years, said, “It’s kind of fearful. It’s shocking that a guy you played with and didn’t really play with that long could be diagnosed (with it).”

This is not a revelation to me as in my senior year of high school I suffered about 100 minor concussions, which are just getting purple spots before your eyes and dizzy for a moment.

Also, at the high school level many schools don’t inform kids on the dangers of concussions and the different types of them so there are many instances where a player will play after one.

In the end, CTE is an epidemic that affects all levels of football and must be addressed immediately.

People who make millions can still go broke


On June 25th it was reported by multiple media outlets that New Orleans Saints quarterback Mark Brunell has filed for bankruptcy protection.

It is just another example that it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t plan carefully you could lose it all.

Brunell through out his 15 year career has made more than $52 million, but that is gone due to failed real estate investments.

It is all too often that players during their career get bad advice from people, which results in the loss of millions.

The best advice I heard from a former NFL player during a radio interviews was that a financial planner told him to wait after he was done with football as he would be more able to keep track of how his money is doing.

Current players just are too trustworthy and sometimes leave matters of a certain nature to a specific person.

In the end, hopefully some will learn from Brunell’s story.

Coaches work too much


There have beent stories have been told about the long grueling work do of a coaches in the National Foorball League.

The fact is though many of these coaches work too much.

It has gotten to the point where many coaches during the regular season will fall asleep on a couch in the team’s facilities.

This leads to coaches neglecting their duites as a father and husband to families.

The most glaring example of this is the suicide of former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy who was the consumate family man, but the culture of coaches working long hours took him away from his family more than he wanted to.

Then before he knew it or saw that his son James had a problem he took his life.

If Dungy was around more there is a chance that he would have noticed it, and got him help.

There already an example of coaches thriving on short work days as current Kansas Jay Hawks coach Turner Gill, when with the University at Buffalo Bulls, made sure his coaches worked short days and they still on a conference championship one year.

In the end, it is not about working harder when it comes to being a head coach, but working smarter in the time you have.

Jones will play again


New York Giants rookie Chad Jones faced the possibility of losing his leg on Friday after a car crash the fractured his left leg in several places.

With the advancement in medicine in recent years there is no doubt that Jones will play again in the National Football League.

The latest example of the advancements in the NFL is Buffalo Bills guard Eric Wood who suffered a compound leg fracture that doctors thought may take him into the beginning of training camp before he sees the practice field.

However, Wood is so far ahead of schedule that he started practicing with the Bills this week.

Also, Minnesota Vikings middle linebacker EJ Henderson suffered a fractured femur, but signs are pointing to him being ready for the start of training camp.

In the end, as long as Jones works hard during rehab it won’t be matter of if, but rather a question of when.

Soccer will never overtake football


The dumbest tournament that is held every four years is once again over for the United States early as they were eliminated Saturday 2-1 by Ghana and to be honest with you I only watched maybe a minute of it when I walked into the Anchor Bar to pickup my order and while I was waiting I glanced to see what the score was of the match.

The fact of the matter is that soccer will never over take football.

The main difference between the two sports is that football evolves each year and is never the same as the previous as coaches are always implementing new techniques and plays to fool the opposition.

Soccer on the other hand hasn’t changed at all over the past 100 years with the exception being substitutions.

Also, soccer is mind numbingly boring as all there is to it is players passing the ball around trying to make the pretty play and get an open shot.  That results in only fives saves or less for a goal keeper.

Many people that love soccer compare it to hockey, but the problem is that they aren’t even close as hockey has a lot more hits and shots on goal, which brings a lot more excitement.

Now, of course there are soccer fans that always point out that there is about 15 minutes of action in football.  The thing is they are wrong as there is a  lot more action.

Now, what I am talking about isn’t physical it is mental as the 30 seconds is a chess match between the middle linebacker and the quarterback as they are making adjustments top make sure their play is better than the opposition.  All the while the fans at the stadium and at home are doing the exact same thing.

The greatest coaches and generals are ones that can predict their enemies movements and reactions to decisions they make, which gives a person a sense of gratification and feeling that they as well know what is best for their favorite team.

In the end, there are too many nuances to the game of football that will always keep other sports from knocking them off as the top sport in America.

Bush’s failures point to his ego


New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has been a huge disappointment on the football field after being highly hyped coming out of college.

His failure on the field all point to his ego.

According to Sports By Brooks, via Pro Football Talk, Bush back in October 2005 was suppose to pick up then potential recruit Percy Harvin who made an official visit with the team and entertain him.

Instead, Bush left Harvin waiting for him waiting in his hotel room while instead had dinner with family and prospective marketing agents partners Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels.

It goes to show that Lake and Michaels inflated Bush’s ego to the point that he felt he was above entertaining others.

In the National Football League Bush hasn’t done the work that is necessary to succeed and it shows in the constant injuries that Bush suffers each year.

Many NFL experts say that injuries are caused by being smaller, but that is not true as injuries are caused by the body’s inability to handle the stress that is being put on their bodies when battling defenders.

In the end, Bush will never truly be great until he loses the ego and do the work necessary.