Enough of the talk


Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards can sure talk a good game as for several years in the offseason he has boasted how confident that he is in his teammates and himself.

What Edwards needs to do is shut up and start proving it.

Edwards looks great in practice, but when it comes to game day he looks like a scared little girl.

The reason most likely is that former head coach Dick Jauron rammed it in his head that it is more important to not make a mistake.

The fact of the matter is we all mistakes as it is really about how we bounce back from them.

In the end, shut up and play Trent.

Running back is the position to watch at St. John Fisher


According to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports, via Pro Football Talk, Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch vows a return to “Beast Mode” in 2010.

That means the running back position is shaping up to be the position to watch at Bills training camp.

The Bills already have two capable starting running backs in Fred Jackson and Lynch.

However, the Bills drafting the running back CJ Spiller has setup a three way battle for the starting position.

Spiller is a long shot though being a rookie and was most likely selected for third down situations for now until Jackson’s contract is up.

That leaves Jackson and Lynch to battle it out and the pair admitted there is a friendly competition between the two.

So, how do the Bills satisfy all three? The answer is that the Bills will most likely be a predominant running team.

That means the Bills will run the football 40-45 times a game while attempting 20-25 passes.

That is not a knock on the quarterbacks it is what the Bills strength on offense is right now.

In the end, the offense will be much improved under Gailey.

What do Bills see in quarterback?


Many Buffalo Bills fans are upset that the Bills didn’t go out and get another quarterback.

With what is coming out of Denver you have to wonder what the Bills see in their quarterbacks.

According to the Denver Post, via Pro Football Talk, Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton was available for trade earlier this offseason.

Clearly, Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey see something that most Bills fans don’t.

That is most likely the talent that Bills quarterbacks Trent Edwards and Brian Brohm have, but for whatever reason have not reached it.

In the end, Gailey has a reputation as a quarterback builder and hopefully that comes true here.

Cold weather Superbowl would be a breath of fresh air


The New York Giants and Jets are trying to lure a Superbowl to New York.

A cold weather Superbowl would be a breath of fresh air.

I remember the first AFC Championship game the Buffalo Bills went to in January of 1991 when they hosted the Los Angeles Raiders.

I wasn’t allowed to go by my parents as it was extremely cold.

It was snowing that day, but that didn’t stop the Bills from running their K-Gun offense and demolishing the Raiders.

It is those kinds of games just like the famous Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers Ice Bowl that creates history.

In the end, if New York does get the Super Bowl you can be sure that it will be a game that everyone will remember for a long time.

NFL will be doing some damage control


According to Pro Football Talk, a recently retired player has had his request for tuition reimbursement denied supposively based on the uncapped year.

Even if the National Football League gave him the wrong reason they will need to do some damage control.

According to the article the player is just over a year retired from the NFL, which means his eligibility for the program may have expired.

To be honest players playing today or recently retired get so much money hearing someone squabble over a little bit of money is just assinine.

If anyrhing it makes the current players look bad as it only confirms how greedy they are.

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame Joe Delamiellure outlined all the benefits current or refently retired players get.

In the end, someone needs to tell the guy to shut up.

Things only get worst for Cushing


It has been over a week since Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing came up with his lame excuse for HCG in his body.

Just when you think things couldn’t get worst for him they do.

Former National Football League linebacker and self admitted steroid user Bill Romanowski called Cushing’s excuse a flat out lie as the only way to get HCG is via an injection on Sirius NFL Radio’s Mad Dog show.

Romanowski wenr on to state that National Football League’s steroid policy has done very well as if there are anyone using steroids it is very few.

In the end, Cushing is only making things worst for himself the longer he doesn’t come clean.

He’s back


For several years now National Football League fans have had to endure the all summer long Brett Farve watch.

It looks like that has come to an early end as the Minnesota Vikings quarterback has under gone ankle surgery, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, via Pro Football talk.

Who can blame him as the Vikings with Farve are a Superbowl contender.

In the end, hopefully his body holds up.

Lynch will have a bounce back year


According to Buffalo Sports Daily, via Pro Football Talk, Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch uses negative comments from Bills Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas as motivation.

With that piece of new you can expect Lynch to have a bounce back year.

Lynch had a tough season last year, which you can attribute to his three game suspension at the beginning of last season.

Also, part of the problem was an offensive line riddle with injury.

In the end, there are a lot of interesting headlines developing for Bills training camp.

Urlacher needs to just shut up


Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has show questionable judgement in the past with his ex girlfriend who is the mother of his son.

Once again Urlacher is spouting off and just needs to shut up.

It all started when Bears great Gale Sayers question Urlacher’s ability to return to the playing level he was at before he got hurt last year.

Urlacher basically fired back stating that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Sayer’s has a valid point and his former teammate and fellow Bears great Dick Butckus backed up Sayer by saying that Urlacher is 32 and played only one game last year.

Also, people forget that Urlacher has arthritis in his back.

In the end, the only person that looks like he doesn’t know what they are talking about is Urlacher.

Do the Dolphins need new doctors?


According to the Miami Herald, via Pro Football Talk, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall had surgery on his other hip, which the team had no prior knowledge of.

The question is do the Dolphins need new team doctors?

Every player before a trade is complete or they sign a contract as a free agent has to have a physical done.

That means when the Dolphins doctors examined Marshall they either completely missed his hip problem or they caught it and advised the Dolphins it was only minor.

In the end, any which way with Marshall showing he has hip problems his time in the National Football League won’t be that very long.