A fair assesment on Vicodin issue cannot be done


As a society we are quick to form an opinion when news brakes on something that has happened, which is no different in the case of the National Football League and its Vicodin issue.

However, a true fair assessment cannot be done at this time.

I myself take Hydrocodone for osteoarthritis in the lower part of my spine, so with San Diego Chargers safety Kevin Ellison being arrested for possession of 100 Vicodin pills I thought it was time to chime in.

There are several key pieces of information missing as Ellison claims that he was prescribed the pills by the team after having surgery.  Those being when was his last surgery, if recent what was it for, what is the recovery period, and what type of container did the team administer it in.

Also, 100 pills is nothing as they last only four hours, so 100 pills is really only two weeks worth of medication.  I myself get 180 pills of Hydrocodone, which is a months worth.

Vicodin is a combination if Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen and is very addicting, which could be the case with Ellison as according to the San Diego Union Tribune Ellison last week stated his knees were fine.

Pro Football Talk has been banging at the issue of NFL teams self administering medication, which is a valid point if the team’s medical staff doesn’t administer them in the proper container.

In the end, hopefully the issue will be brought to the attention of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as he is the one with the authority to get something changed.

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