Cold weather Superbowl would be a breath of fresh air


The New York Giants and Jets are trying to lure a Superbowl to New York.

A cold weather Superbowl would be a breath of fresh air.

I remember the first AFC Championship game the Buffalo Bills went to in January of 1991 when they hosted the Los Angeles Raiders.

I wasn’t allowed to go by my parents as it was extremely cold.

It was snowing that day, but that didn’t stop the Bills from running their K-Gun offense and demolishing the Raiders.

It is those kinds of games just like the famous Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers Ice Bowl that creates history.

In the end, if New York does get the Super Bowl you can be sure that it will be a game that everyone will remember for a long time.

NFL will be doing some damage control


According to Pro Football Talk, a recently retired player has had his request for tuition reimbursement denied supposively based on the uncapped year.

Even if the National Football League gave him the wrong reason they will need to do some damage control.

According to the article the player is just over a year retired from the NFL, which means his eligibility for the program may have expired.

To be honest players playing today or recently retired get so much money hearing someone squabble over a little bit of money is just assinine.

If anyrhing it makes the current players look bad as it only confirms how greedy they are.

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame Joe Delamiellure outlined all the benefits current or refently retired players get.

In the end, someone needs to tell the guy to shut up.