Cushing needs a new lawyer


It has been several days since Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing faced the media, but for whatever reason his lawyer won’t let the story die.

Simply, Cushing needs to get a new lawyer.

Cushing’s lawyer Harry Stienberg again talked to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, which of course we found out via Pro Football Talk, claiming that the National Football League was out to get his client, because he was randomly selected twice in a short period of time.

Um hello? That is why they call it random testing as any player at any time can get tested each week.

Heck even one unlucky guy could even get selected each week.

Most of the time it is the client that is the person that cannot keep their mouth shut, but in this instance it is the lawyer.  That reason alone should get Steinberg fired if Cushing has any brain at all.

However, I highly doubt that as Cushing tested positive HCG in two separate tests, but is not suspended for a year due to the B sample in one of the test.

The way the test are done two samples are taken at one time and when the A sample c omes back positive for a banned substance the B sample is then tested to confirm it.

However, in the first test the B sample came back negative, which is why he isn’t gone for a year.

The only question that still remains is when was the second test collected?  As if it was before Cushing was notified of the results from the first test it wouldn’t look bad for Cushing, but if the test was collected after he was notified of the first test results he would be the biggest idiot in the NFL.

In the end, with everything that has happened I think it is the later of the two.