Happy Brian Cushing stupidity day


Thursday marked a day in National Football League history where a player offered up the most lamest excuse after getting caught using steroids.

So, today we celebrate that stupidity as only in the NFL a player can be that stupid and still get an award.

So here is my top three:

1) Former Bills head coach Mike Mularkey, “it took the sails right out of our wind.”

2) Former Bills head coach Wade Philips, “He is a not a punt returner he is a punt catcher.”

3) Former Bills head coach Gregg Williams, “We will never ever ever give up.

In the end, I would have more, but its late and I cannot think.

Will Cushing’s body hold up?


Steroid users have become complex at the way that the drug is administer, but there are still some telling signs.

Without a shadow of a doubt Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushings is a long time steroid user and the question is whether his body will hold up without it?

Talking with a trainer at the gym I workout at steroid users are far complex than what they were 20 years ago. The reason being that doctors have gotten involved.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s athletes administered steroids to themselves or another teammate would, which were usually dangerous high doses.

Now, with the amount of money flowing in sports athletes have employed doctors who know that steroids in low levels are not dangerous, leave very little long term effects, and are virtually undetectable if administered in the right dosage right under testing level maximums.

That is the reason ehy very little athletes are getting busted for steroids themself.

The only real long term effect of steroids as he explained it is that after long term use when coming off a cycle it becomes harder for the body to start producing testosterone naturally, which is where HCG comes in as it kickstarts the body to produce testosterone naturally.

The problem is that with the body not producing as much testosterone as it use to a National Football League players body just won’t hold up to the rigors.

That is why NFL players older than 30 years old are hurt more than a 22 year old as their bodies aren’t producing as high of a level of testosterone as a 22 year old does.

Cushing is already showing those signs as his knee injury prior to last season took longer than usual.

In the end, Cushing will be lucky to make it past his rookie contract.

Put the social media down and slowly step away


The growth of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter has made things interesting for sports writers as some of them get pretty stupid with it.

However, Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett needs to put down the social media and slowly step away.

According to SportsbyBrooks, via ProFootballTalk, took a live shower on the site UStream  as a part of a $1,000 thousand bet.

Really, your that desperate for money that you will resort to taking a shower naked on UStream?

Its not like he is making the National Football League minimum as Dockett has a base salary of $3.75 million in 2010.

In the end, if players keep this type of stuff up owners are going to write into contracts that they are banned from these sites.

Cushing even lied to his doctor


When people are caught doing something illegal they sometimes lie to everyone and anyone to try and convince people somehow  that they are innocent.

You can include Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing as he has even lied to his doctor.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, via ProFootballTalk.com, Cushing went through a battery of tests in November.

“He was tested for a variety of things that were recommended by his [personal] doctor,” agent Tom Condon said.  “My understanding is they’re going to do it again.  They’re going to take him from head to toe and repeat everything.”

That means two things first that the initial tests were negative and secondly that Cushing lied to his doctor to get tests done to try and prove his side of the story to National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell, the media, and NFL fans.

Here I thought Pete Rose was one of the biggest liar of all time in sports, but I was proven wrong as Cushing looks like he could possibly keep this up for just as long.

In the end, the reality is that Cushing is just proving more and more he is just pathetic.

Come celebrate a new holiday tommorrow here


Well I had one last thing to do for school that is ending and that is create a event for Facebook.

Only, one thing came to mind and that is the stupidity of Brain Cushing, so I created a new holiday Brian Cushing stupidity day.

So, later tonight for tomorrow I post my top five dumbest things muttered by National Football League players and coaches.

In the end, join me to celebrate the only League where stupidity runs rampant.