The darkest hour


As a student journalist I have learned this semester about the fourth estate.  That being the media plays an important role by being an extension of the people to keep the government in check.

The same can be said in regards to our sports, especially when it comes to issues that can affect our children.

With the Associated Press voting to allow Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing to keep his award the NFL has fallen upon its darkest hour.

We all know the story by now that Cushing was caught cheating in September and for whatever reason the National Football League dragged its feet on the appeals process.

However, the AP had a chance to send a message to the NFL from the people that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, but they dropped the ball.

The NFL has already been fighting a tough battle as masking technology for steroids and other performance enhancers is becoming more and more advanced.

Current and future media members have the responsibility to carry on the standards of what normal people considered to be wrong.

In the end, if someone doesn’t step up the consequences of this could have affects for years to come.

Just disgusted


The Associated Press revoted Brian Cushing as defensive rookie of the year.

To put it simply I am thoroughly disgusted on the matter.

The fact of the matter is that Cushing should have never been eligible the second time.

As a former high school football player I know that there is no substitution for hard work and what this says that taking this garbage is okay as what matters is the stats and making the game look great.

So, who is to blame?

That starts with the National Football League as they dragged their feet on the appeals process as it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did for the appeal to be denied.

Also, it is on the Associated Press for allowing Cushing to be even a part of the revote as he should have been disqualified.

In the end, this is the problem as whenever a problem comes up it is corrected half ass and it takes the government to step in to make sure that the right procedures are taken so that it doesn’t trickle down to the children.