New England and Food Council is doing some major damage control


When I usually open my email it mostly contains spam and advertising mail, but there was one that caught my eye.

It was from Rochelle Johnson with the subject Dairy Council statement re:  misunderstanding, there is more to the subject, but you people get the drift.

In it, as was reported on, that the New England Dairy and Food Council is taking responsibility for the misunderstanding that happened at Lebanon Middle School in Connecticut.

I will give them credit for going out of their way to make it clear to everyone that it was their fault.

However, an apology isn’t enough as the least they could do is go out and get some personally autographed photos of New England Patriots players.  As suggested, the smart move would be for the Patriots to step up and at least send one player like quarterback Tom Brady, Matt Light, or even former linebacker Teddy Bruschi.

In the end, a simple apology isn’t enough as these kids busted their butts to earn that prize.

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