Will LP Field be ready?


According to ProFootballTalk.com, the Tennessee Titans LP Field is under water due to cresting of the Cumberland River due to a two day record rainfall of over 13 inches.

The problem is that water is coming up through the drainage system as there is nowhere for the water to go as water levels are still rising.A picture of LP Field under water through the televsion of Terry Weaver

With the water still rising, the question is will LP Field be ready for the opening of the regular season especially if it reaches luxury suites.

Most likely the lockerrooms have been damaged from flood waters, which means they will have to be redone, along with anything else that is at ground level.

Now, with flooding we are not just talking about the replacement of furniture as walls will have to be torn down as well due to the walls soaking in the water, which makes the most ideal growing conditions for mold as they love dark damp places.

With water coming through the drainage system there is a good possibility that all the bathrooms will become flooded as water will becoming out of faucets and toilets to find places to go.

In the end, it looks like the Titans will be facing a lot of adversity this year.

Lions suffer a setback


The Detroit Lions are in the midst of revamping their defensive line with a trade for defensive tackle Corey Williams, signing of free agent defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, and the drafting of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

However, the Lions have suffered a setback with the death of defensive line coach Bob Karmelowicz following an illness.

Karmelowicz at the University of Miami helped Warren Sapp transition from tight end to defensive tackle and with the Kansas City Chiefs developed defensive end Jared Allen into on of the best pass rushers in the National Football League.

In the end, the loss of Karmelowicz is a huge loss for the Lions.

Saints have a mess to clean up


According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, via ProFootballTalk.com, former New Orleans Saints director of security Geoffrey Santini has filed a lawsuit against the Saints after general manager Mickey Loomis tried to cover up the abuse/theft of Vicodin by two senior staff memebers, which turned out to be head caoch Sean Payton and linebackers/ assistant head coach Joe Vitt.

Simply, the Saints have a big mess to clean up.

The thing is that Loomis just made things worst as the truth about things like this always comes out as people who are addicted to Vicodin will do whatever they have to get a hold of it, which includes stealing.

Eventually, they get caught stealing by someone as technology today is everywhere and in places you least expect it.

The thing is that if Loomis actions prove to be true then he will most likely will be charged with obstruction of justice and a accessory after the fact, which is why Santini most likely quit as to make sure he cannot be charged with anything.

Also, before Santini resigned in August 2009nhe referred the matter to the federal authorities who are probably taking their time to make sure they have a tight case against Loomis, Vitt, and Payton.

In the end, the best thing for the three to do is just come clean and take responsibility for their actions as if they do so it will most likely result in probation and their continued employment, but if they keep denying they will be meeting Bubba.