Moss should be worrying about performance


New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss fired long time agent Tim Dipiero for another agent who is better at doing off the field marketing deals.

However, what Moss should be worrying about is his on the field play as he 33 years old with bad legs.

The problem is Moss is 33 years old  and is already showing signs of breakdown, even though he played every game last year, as there wee always reports coming out of Boston about his bad knees.

The thing is businesses want a player that is extremely popular to sell their product, but if Moss’s play declines in 2010 businesses will be reluctant to do a deal with him as his popularity will start to weaken.

In the end, Moss should have been doing stuff like this years ago when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s Hardy’s time to shine


James Hardy missed most of last season recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his rookie season.

With wide receivers Terrell Owens and Josh Reed gone it should be Hardy’s time to shine.

According to the Buffalo News, Hardy was taken in by Owens last year and learned a lot from the wide receiver from how to read defenders on game day to how to breakdown game film.

Now, Hardy has to apply it as the second starting wide receiver position is wide open.

In the end, Hardy has been the paitient good solider and hopefully he will be rewarded for it with a solid season.

Now we know


Many Buffalo Bills fans have been wondering why they have been suffering so many injuries, especially leg injuries, over the last couple of seasons.

Well now we know why.

According to the Buffalo News, Bills safety Donte Whitner revealed that many other of his teammates have not done squats since they were in college.

Squats are essential to any football player as it simulates the amount of stress the legs muscles endure when they encounter opposing blockers or defenders.  Also, it strengthens the ligaments as well.

Yes, there are other weight lifting exercises for the legs like leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises, but they work only an individual muscle and cannot simulate the amount of stress on a body’s legs like squats can do.

In the end, you can expect the Bills to be a heck of a lot healthier this year, which should help the Bills win more games late in the year as by then they were always depleted.

Lynch has more leway


Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch has missed the first week of Organized Team Activities.

However, unlike outside linebacker Aaron Schobel Lynch has some leway on how much time he can miss.

The reason is that Lynch is not switching positions like Schobel would be, so all that Lynch really has to learn in the vocabulary of the playbook and what he does on certain plays.

That doesn’t mean that he can skip all of the voluntary OTA’s and attend only the mandatory ones without consequences.  The reason being running back Fred Jackson has been in attendance this week as well as rookie  running back CJ Spiller.

In the end, if Lynch plans to be a long term starting running back he better gets his rear to One Bills drive as soon as possible.

Look for Bills to add to scouting staff


Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix has gone on record stating that the scouting staff is a little light.

With one of the more respected scouts being let go you can expect the Bills to make an addition to their scouting staff.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Carolina Panthers did not renew the contract of long time scout Pete Russell.

The reason that Russell was apparently was let go was as part of a plan to over haul the scouting staff in order to go younger, which will probably take place over the next couple of years as the rest of the scout’s contracts expire.

According to the report Russell is well respected in league circles.

In the end, Russell would be a welcomed addition to the Bills scouting staff.

Murphy can forget about it


With the New York City being awarded Superbowl XLVIII in 2014 Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy is intrigued with the notion of bringing a Superbowl to Green Bay, according to Pro Football Talk.

The reality is Murphy can forget about it.

The problem is not with a game in Green Bay itself, but with all the other things that go into putting one on like hotel room, transportation, and entertainment.

Last year when the Minnesota Vikings schedule was released it was pointed out on ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd show that the best accommodations for visitors is the top end local motel or a hotel like the Holiday Inn.

In the end, unless everything in Green Bay improves the Packers will never host a Superbowl.

In the end, the Packers can do

Bills should say no thanks to Schobel


Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Schobel is still yet undecided on whether to retire or not.

However, it is to the point that if Schobel decides to comeback for another year they should just say no thanks to the long time Bill.

The problem is Organized Team Activities for the Bills have started with this week and that means that head coach Chan Gailey and the rest of his coaching staff is implementing the offensive and defensive playbooks, along with switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4.

Even for a veteran missing anytime this year is bad with new playbooks as the defense’s vocabulary has now completely changed.

In the end, the best thing for the Bills is for Schobel to retire as sooner or later it is going to happen anyways.

What to look for with Bills’ OTA’s


The Buffalo Bills have finally kicked off their Organized Team Activities as they held their first practice today.

So, with the Bills having a new head coach that will also call the offense I thought it would be wise to give some tips on what to look for in comments from head coach Chan Gailey.

Gailey already revealed a telling sign as he explained that what he is looking for in his players is them grasping the offense, especially from the quarterbacks.

That means even rookie quarterback Levi Brown has a chance to be the starter opening day if he shows that he understands the offense better than the others.

That is the right approach to take as what makes Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady successful is their knowledge of what their plays work against what the defense runs and what looks do these plays run out of.

In the end, the Bills finally have an experienced capable mind running the offense and that alone should get fans excited.

A fair assesment on Vicodin issue cannot be done


As a society we are quick to form an opinion when news brakes on something that has happened, which is no different in the case of the National Football League and its Vicodin issue.

However, a true fair assessment cannot be done at this time.

I myself take Hydrocodone for osteoarthritis in the lower part of my spine, so with San Diego Chargers safety Kevin Ellison being arrested for possession of 100 Vicodin pills I thought it was time to chime in.

There are several key pieces of information missing as Ellison claims that he was prescribed the pills by the team after having surgery.  Those being when was his last surgery, if recent what was it for, what is the recovery period, and what type of container did the team administer it in.

Also, 100 pills is nothing as they last only four hours, so 100 pills is really only two weeks worth of medication.  I myself get 180 pills of Hydrocodone, which is a months worth.

Vicodin is a combination if Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen and is very addicting, which could be the case with Ellison as according to the San Diego Union Tribune Ellison last week stated his knees were fine.

Pro Football Talk has been banging at the issue of NFL teams self administering medication, which is a valid point if the team’s medical staff doesn’t administer them in the proper container.

In the end, hopefully the issue will be brought to the attention of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as he is the one with the authority to get something changed.

How will American Needle case affect NFL


The National Football League lost its case against American Needle as the Supreme Court voted 9-0 in favor of American Needle.

The question is now how will the decision affect the NFL.

As any case that is decided by the Supreme Court there is a profound affect that will completely alters the way things are done.

In regards to the NFL there will be very little instances where they will now be very little instances where they will be able to invoke antitrust exemptions.

The key phrase is that NFL owners cannot come together in regards to” intellectual property.”

That is such a broad term that the NFLPA may use it to force the the end of the Collective Bargaining Agreements within the NFL, thus ending drafts and allowing rookies to be bidded upon.

That will force small market teams like the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and maybe even the Green Bay Packers to more to big international cities like London, England and Toronto, Canada.

In the end, this was the worst thing to happen for the NFL.