NFLPA better start getting to the table


The uncapped year has brought about a lot of stunning results from the lack of signings in unrestricted free agents to the flurry of trades of restricted free agents.

Now, another development has occurred and if the National Football League Players Association had any sense they accept whatever the NFL is proposing in regards to a collective bargaining agreement.

Players have lost considerable amount of money due to the lack of salary floors, because of this veterans on bad teams are now getting cut left and right.

First it was New York Jets guard Alan Faneca as he was replaced by a second round draft pick.

Followed by the Jacksonville Jaguars long time defensive tackle John Henderson as Adam Schefter of ESPN announced that the Henderson has been cut after the Jaguars took two defensive tackles in the last weeks National Football League Draft.

Then the New England Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas as the Patriots took a slew of linebackers in the Draft as well.

There will be more cuts to come as teams will be jettisoning players that they cannot get rid of that they replaced in the Draft.

In the end, things are only going to get worst for the players before they get better without a new CBA.

The Bills aren’t done yet


According to, the Buffalo Bills contacted the Baltimore Ravens prior to last weeks National Football League Draft in regards to restricted free agent Jared Gaither.

That means the Bills may not be done addressing their roster just yet.

If the Baltimore Ravens had any intentions on keeping Gaither long term they would have signed him to a long term contract, which would cost a lot of money as starting left tackles are one of the highest paid players on the team due to their importance to a team.

However, the Baltimore Ravens don’t have to pay Gaither, because they drafted offensive tackle Michael Oher in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft and the Ravens believe he will be even better than Gaither.  Also, Oher is cheaper due to the fact that he was selected in the lower part of the first round where contracts are not as high as the beginning of the round.

With teams knowing that the Ravens would have to do something about Gaither nobody is going to give up any significant compensation to acquire Gaither.

In the end, the best thing for the Ravens is to just take what they can get for Gaither.

Roosevelt gets to live the dream


Wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt didn’t get drafted last week by any team during the National Football League Draft.

However, Roosevelt lucked out and gets to live the dream as he signed a undrafted free agent contract with the team he grew up watching in the Buffalo Bills.

According to WGR 550, Roosevelt announced his intentions on his Facebook page of signing with the Bills, which was announced later by the team.

Roosevelt will join a young group of wide receivers battling for the fifth and sixth wide receiver spots as the Bills did not bring back wide receivers Terrell Owens and Josh Reed.

Also, Bills head coach Chan Gailey went on record stating that e prefers bigger wide receivers, which means if wide receiver Roscoe Parrish doesn’t step up his game he is going to wind being a roster cut right before the season.

In the end, hopefully Roosevelt makes the team and eventually a star as the Bills need another starting wide receiver

Gailey’s comment make Brown pick interesting


The Buffalo Bills took quarterback Levi Brown in the seventh round of yesterday’s National Football League Draft.

What makes this pick interesting is what Bills head coach Chan Gailey said about Brown.

According to WGR 550, Gailey stated in postdraft press conference that Brown was the quarterback that they were targeting all along.

Gailey is a quarterback guru as he built several quarterbacks that were average and made them look like franchise players for example quarterback AJ Feely, when Gailey was the Miami Dolphins coordinator, and Tyler Thigpen, when he was the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what round they took a quarterback. What matters is that he pans out into a franchise quarterback.

Also, Gailey wants to give the other three quarterbacks a chance to see if he can work with them and salvage them, which is the right thing to do as it would save the Bills a future draft pick and would allow the team to become a winner faster.

In the end, the Draft is over and now it is time to wait for training camp to see if Gailey can start turning things around.

Its time folks


There comes a time where the family pet gets to a point where it needs to be put down.

Just like the family pet the Buffalo Bills need to be put down as they passed on a quarterback not once, but twice.

It was amazing that former quarterback Jimmy Clausen was there when they picked 41st overall and still passed on him.

Then things just got plain stupid as quarterback Colt McCoy dropped to them in the third round and they still passed on him.

The Bills better pray to god that Colt McCoy or Jimmy Clausen amount to nothing, because Bills fans will stick it to Bills owner Ralph Wilson and the rest of the front office foe years to come if they become franchise quarterbacks.

In the end, my gut tells me they are going to regret not taking McCoy..

Look for nose tacke in round two


According to Chris Brown of Buffalo, via, Bills general manger Buddy Nix stated that the they tried to trade up for another player other than quarterback Tim Tebow, which was most likely defensive tackle Dan Williams.

That means when their second round pick comes along you can expect the Bills to take a defensive tackle to play the nose tackle.

The way the first round fell at the defensive tackle position there are still some quality nose tackles left.

Even though quarterback Jimmy Clauen fell to round two its highly unlikely the Bills will move up.

In the end, with the Bills taking running back CJ Spiller in round one you never know.

Modrak must go!


Back in 2001 with rookie head coach Gregg Williams the Buffalo Bills tried to trade back into the first round of the that year’s National Football League Draft , which they couldn’t and that eventually cost Williams his job.

History has just repeated itself as with another head coach in his first season with the Bills the team once again failed to trade back into the first round of  the 2010 NFL Draft and with Bills Vice President of College Scouting Tom Modrak allowing that to happen again he needs to go.

Modrak did not oversee the 2001 NFL Draft as he was hired by then general manager Tom Donahoe in June of 2001. However, he should still know what happened as he was hired only two months after the draft.

That means this time around he should have argued heavily to take Tebow ninth overall, but that is not his philosophy as it is the best player available on their board usually.

In the end, it is time for an overall in the scouting department, which will hopefully take place soon with the Draft being over and scouts contracts being set to expire soon.

Good night and good luck

Bills pay the price


The Buffalo Bills got greedy by selecting running back CJ Spiller instead of addressing a big need as they thought foolishly they could trade back into the first round to get their quarterback.

However, that didn’t happen and now they are going to pay the price as according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Bills were trying to trade back into round one to select quarterback Tim Tebow.

The quarterback position is the most important position on a football team and the sad part is that history has repeated itself with the exact same scouting staff in regards to the exact same position.

In the 2001 National Football League Draft the Bills tried to trade back into the first round to draft quarterback Drew Brees, but couldn’t and eventually was drafted by the San Diego Chargers at the top of the second round.

So, you think that the Bills would be careful and make sure they got their franchise quarterback by selecting Tebow with the ninth overall pick right?  Wrong, as the business side of the NFL overruled it as they had to make sure they got an immediate impact player at ninth overall.

Now, I am not the only one who recommend that the Bills take Tebow ninth overall as’s Vic Carucci wrote that the Bills should take Tebow ninth overall as there was growing speculation that someone would take him in the high second early first round, which turned out to be true as he was taken 25th overall by the Denver Broncos.

In the end, if the Bills do take a quarterback they better pray that their pick turns into a franchise quarterback while Tebow flops or it could be another 10 years without the playoffs for Bills fans.

My worst fears comes true


When Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix kept assistant general manager Tom Modrak I had a bad feeling.

Well my worst fears came true with the Bills picking running back CJ Spiller.

I cannot expressed how angered and upset I am at the pick as it looks like they are content with Kyle Williams at nose tackle.

I am okay with left tackle Demetrius Bell at left tackle as he is going into his third year.

Let’s face it and call it for what it is a flashy desperation pick to hopefully win right away as the Bills are hoping Spiller generate points in any way possible.

Well Nix is wrong as there is another way to generate better field position and points through an elite nose tackle.

Nose tackles are pinnacle to a defense as their stoutness in the run game puts the offense into third down and long situation, which are very hard to convert.

The Bills for years now have picked the best player available on their boards and it has not worked.

In the end, the Bills had a ton of need, but instead went flashy and now they will pay for it in April.

Are the Redskins Serious?


It was reported a while ago that the Washington Redskins were letting other teams know that they are intending on taking a quarterback with the fourth overall pick.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter on ESPN Radio stated that everyone could be surprised today on who the Redskins will pick, which has me wondering if they are serious about a quarterback?

The answer is yes as right now they don’t have quarterback Donovan McNabb signed to a longterm contract. That mean the Reskins have to have a backup plan in case.

Also, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has a history if drafting a young quarterback when he has an established veteran.

While as the Denver Broncos head coach Shanahan drafted quarterback Jay Cutler even though they had quarterback Jake Plummer.

In the end, we won’t know what will happen until the Redskins pick.