Holmes just doesn’t learn


New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes has already been suspended for four games due to violation of the National Football League’s Substance Abuse Policy.

You think he would know to be on his best behavior, but that is not the case as he almost got kicked off a airplane yesterday.

According to ProFootballTalk.com,  Holmes caused a disturbance on the plane after he refused to take off his Ipod.  Holmes was so stubborn police had to be called in and then he  finally took off the Ipod.

This guy has to be one of the biggest idiot in the NFL, because all he had to do was take it off for five minutes or just take it out until the stewardess isn’t looking and then put one back in the ear close to the window and hide the cord.

Obviously, the reason they ask for the devices to be turned off is so they won’t affect the plane’s instruments, but studies have shown that electonics electromagnetic fields don’t do that.

However, it is their plane and they make up the rules.

In the end, just do what you are told.

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