Ireland is going to have to cough up some money


The report of Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland’s ridiculous question to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has created a fire storm of media attention.

With Dolphins owner Stephen Ross investigating the matter now Ireland is going to have to cough up some money.

According to, Ross issued a statement saying, “I will be looking into this matter personally and will take appropriate actions if necessary,” the statement reads. “I have always strived to comply with the highest standards in all aspects of my businesses including recruiting.  In interviewing employees we always look to obtain relevant and appropriate information in adherence with the best industry practices.”

The fact of the matter is this type of behavior cannot be tolerated and cannot continue to happen.

In the end, many other team executives and coaches have asked dumb questions in the past, but it has gone to far and it needs to stop starting with Ireland.

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