ESPN better offer up the truth


ESPN has had a record of bad reporting as of late as during the National Football League Draft ESPN’s Adam Schefter stated that the Buffalo Bills were heart broken when the Denver Bronocos traded up to draft quarterback Tim Tebow.

Now, another saga is unfolding and ESPN better offer up the truth before things just get worst.

It all started when ESPN analyst Jon Gruden didn’t appear on the Saturday portion of the Draft, which started rampant speculation of a problem between him and the network.

According to, ESPN confirmed that Gruden was suppose to appear on set, but producer Jay Rothman gave him the day off as “his voice was gone.”

I was content on letting just handling it, but after this recent post I had to get my opinion in.

According to the site, Brad Wells of heard Gruden talking fine Friday nite after he ran into him in the bathroom.

“I probably saw him in the bathroom anywhere from 10:30 [p.m. to] 11:15 [p.m.],” Wells told us via e-mail.  “He was talking.  His voice sounded like, well, Gruden’s voice.  He was talking about some ‘undersized player’ in the restroom.  After [leaving the] restroom, he went upstairs and signed autographs.  Again, even outside signing autographs, his voice seemed fine.”

Are we really suppose to believe that a guy that used to yell at people all day would really lose his voice after just talking.

The fact of the matter is that something happened and if Rothman or ESPN doesn’t come forward with the truth then they will only hurt their already damaged reputation.

In the end, they knew what they were getting into signing Gruden and now they got burned by it.

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