Another Williams bust?


Eight years ago in the 2002 National Football League Draft the Buffalo Bills took offensive tackle Mike Williams fourth overall to be their franchise left tackle.

Williams a few years later turned out to be the biggest bust in Bills history due to his lack of work ethic.

Now, it looks like history may be repeating itself within the Washington Redskins.

Last week the Washington Redskins took offensive tackle Trent Williams fourth overall, but as talented as he is Williams has the same work ethic problems.

Oklahoma stregth and conditioning coach Jerry Schmidt told the Washington Post, via, “He’s one of those guys, he’s definitely not a gym rat. If he was, there wouldn’t be anybody even close to him.”

A lack of work ethic should have been huge red flags to teams, but for whatever reason the Redskins ignored it.

In the end, Williams better start developing a work ethic or he will find himdelf out of the NFL quick.

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