Gailey’s comment make Brown pick interesting


The Buffalo Bills took quarterback Levi Brown in the seventh round of yesterday’s National Football League Draft.

What makes this pick interesting is what Bills head coach Chan Gailey said about Brown.

According to WGR 550, Gailey stated in postdraft press conference that Brown was the quarterback that they were targeting all along.

Gailey is a quarterback guru as he built several quarterbacks that were average and made them look like franchise players for example quarterback AJ Feely, when Gailey was the Miami Dolphins coordinator, and Tyler Thigpen, when he was the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what round they took a quarterback. What matters is that he pans out into a franchise quarterback.

Also, Gailey wants to give the other three quarterbacks a chance to see if he can work with them and salvage them, which is the right thing to do as it would save the Bills a future draft pick and would allow the team to become a winner faster.

In the end, the Draft is over and now it is time to wait for training camp to see if Gailey can start turning things around.