My worst fears comes true


When Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix kept assistant general manager Tom Modrak I had a bad feeling.

Well my worst fears came true with the Bills picking running back CJ Spiller.

I cannot expressed how angered and upset I am at the pick as it looks like they are content with Kyle Williams at nose tackle.

I am okay with left tackle Demetrius Bell at left tackle as he is going into his third year.

Let’s face it and call it for what it is a flashy desperation pick to hopefully win right away as the Bills are hoping Spiller generate points in any way possible.

Well Nix is wrong as there is another way to generate better field position and points through an elite nose tackle.

Nose tackles are pinnacle to a defense as their stoutness in the run game puts the offense into third down and long situation, which are very hard to convert.

The Bills for years now have picked the best player available on their boards and it has not worked.

In the end, the Bills had a ton of need, but instead went flashy and now they will pay for it in April.

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