No way Rams are moving down


The Saint Louis Rams were the lucky team to get the first overall pick in the 2010 National Football League Draft.

According to Rachel Nichols of ESPN, via, 10 teams have called the Rams about the first overall pick, but there were no specific offers and lets face it there never will be.

The problem is that the guaranteed money for the first overall pick has just gotten purely asinine as last years first overall pick Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford signed a six year $72 million contract with $41.75 million guaranteed.  That means the first overall pick this year could possibly receiver a contract over $80 million.

No winning teams like the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles are going to pay that kind of money to a rookie.

In the end, the Rams better hope that quarterback Sam Bradford works out or they will be stuck for many years to come.

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