Jets will be a spectacular wreck in 2010


In NASCAR there are car wrecks that are so spectacular that the only thing left of the car is the inside roll cage that protects a driver.

With the New York Jets amazingly making the playoffs behind a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback expectations have been raised, especially with the additions of running back LaDainian Tomlinson and wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

Due to those expectations the Jets will be the National Football League’s version of one of those wrecks in 2010.

What Jets head coach Rex Ryan is forgetting is that good teams figure out defenses eventually no matter how good the talent due to tendencies of whoever is making the play calls.

Also, key player along the offensive line like guard Alan Faneca who will be 34 years old this December and offensive tackle Damien Woody who will be 33 in November are up there in football years and their bodies can start breaking down at anytime, which would result in significant time loss to injuries.

In the end, the Jets are all talk and no bite.

Good night and good luck.

No way Rams are moving down


The Saint Louis Rams were the lucky team to get the first overall pick in the 2010 National Football League Draft.

According to Rachel Nichols of ESPN, via, 10 teams have called the Rams about the first overall pick, but there were no specific offers and lets face it there never will be.

The problem is that the guaranteed money for the first overall pick has just gotten purely asinine as last years first overall pick Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford signed a six year $72 million contract with $41.75 million guaranteed.  That means the first overall pick this year could possibly receiver a contract over $80 million.

No winning teams like the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles are going to pay that kind of money to a rookie.

In the end, the Rams better hope that quarterback Sam Bradford works out or they will be stuck for many years to come.

The Bills aren’t fooling anyone


It was reported Wednesday that the Pittsburgh Steelers are shopping quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to the teams that are in the top 10 of Thursday National Football League Draft.   With the Buffalo Bills selecting ninth and needing a quarterback naturally they were of course one of the teams that got a phone call, which they denied.

Of course the Bills aren’t fooling anyone as of course they are interested as Bills head coach Chan Gailey himself stated they like to have the quarterback position settled before the Draft.

There was a conflicting report earlier in the day as ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that the Bills said no to the Steelers about Roethlisberger.

What most likely happened is that when the Steelers called and general manager Buddy Nix asked what they are asking for in return for Roethlisberger, which was probably two first round draft picks, they replied no as the price was too high for a guy that is one incident away from a one year suspension.

If the price was right of course they would be interested in Roethlisberger who wouldn’t as the guy is a franchise quarterback.

What the Bills are doing is waiting for the price of Roethlisberger to come down to a more reasonable level like two second round draft picks as they have three quarterbacks that are all capable of starting for Gailey and doing a decent job as he has a reputation for building backup quarterbacks into franchise players.

In the end, the Bills are playing it right the only problem there could be is the Oakland Raiders as owner Al Davis is an absolute fool that over pays for players.

Could Roethlisberger be a Bill soon


According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, via, the Pittsburgh Steelers are actively shopping quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to teams in the top 10 of Thursday’s National Football League Draft and apparently one is considering it.

No doubt that team is the Buffalo Bills.

As you may recall Bills head coach Chan Gailey stated that he wants the quarterback situation solved before the Draft.

Most likely the Bills are considering all the variables in trading for Roethlisberger.

At this point it depends on the compensation as one more screw up by Roethlisberger will result in a one year suspension.

In the end, even if it is for two first round picks they should go for it as every Bills fan is desperate for a ligitament quarterback.