Don’t listen to the scouts


With the National Football League Draft approaching audio clips from football teams have been making the rounds, which many NFL fans are listening to to figure out who their favorite team is taking.

One of the group of people that fans shouldn’t be listening to is the scouts.

Many fans don’t realize that even though a scout may gush over a certain player it doesn’t mean anything. The reason being they aren’t the people making the decision on who the team will pick.

The way a room operates is that scouts will give grades on players and they will shift around their board accordingly.

When their time comes up to pick they will look at what their needs are and who are the best players available.

Then the general manager and head coach, who are the decision makers usually, will go around the room and get their opinions on players available and who they would go with and which ever prospect has the most votes usually will be the pick.

In the end, what matter is the philosophies and priorities of the general manager and head coach.

Its all about the money


According to, the Cleveland Browns are panicking due to the fact that at seventh overall there will be a drop off.

The reason being that contracts are so big in the top 10 are worried about picking a bust as it would set the franchise back years due to dead money.

The fact of the matter is that teams should be worried about if a player will excel in their system, which is whay New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick goes by.

In the end, the Browns need to shut up and work harder to find solid players as once they do that they won’t be in this position in the future.

When will NFL personnel learn


Time and time again National Football League players and owners get in trouble when visiting a local watering hole.

It has me wondering when is the NFL going to ban bars and nightclubs all together.

The latest example comes coutsey of TMZ, via, who caught Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen going nuts in a Scottsdale, AR bar after another patron swore at his girlfriend.

When will players learn that they are targets in bars due to the fact that they make so much money.

In the end, this will continue to be a problem until the NFL bans them.

Looks like Williams is indeed going to be the pick


Recently I predicted that defensive tackle Dan Williams will be the pick for the Buffalo Bills at ninth overall in the upcoming National Football League Draft.

That looks to be dead on as Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach post tweeted that fellow writer Brian Biggane, who is in Buffalo, has learned that the Bills front office plans to take Williams.

It makes sense as most likely the top three offensive lineman will be gone and the top two quarterback will be gone as well.

That means the best value for a position of need will be defensive tackle to fill the nose tackle position.

Williams would most likely play on first and second downs as fellow nose tackle Kyle Williams is exceptional at pass rushing and would come in on third down and second and long situations.

In the end, as much as people want a left tackle there Williams is the right pick.