Heads will be rolling in Milledgeville


Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hit the lottery last week as it was announced that he will not be facing charges for sexual assault, which he can thank the Milledgeville, Georgia police.

With what the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting you can be assured that heads will be rolling.

According to the Gazette, via ProFootballTalk.com, the police botched the investigation from the very instance it was reported by the alleged victim.

It was reported a couple weeks ago that the surveillance tape from the alleged incident took place was destroyed as it was copied over as police failed to secure it.

Now, in addition to that police never secured the alleged crime scene, which allowed a janitor to come in and scrub it down with clorox and pine-sol.

Already Milledgeville police officer Jerry Bash, who took the initial report from the victim, has resigned due to the way he initially handled the claim by the victim.

In the end, if district attorneys want high profile cases to be tried they better make it clear to their police officers that no matter who the claim is about proper protocol must be followed at all time, or there will be serious consequences.

Good night and good luck.

Clausen most likely won’t be available for the Bills


According to ProFootballTalk.com, the Washington Redskins are letting it be known to other teams that they are planning to take a quarterback.

That pretty much means that Clausen will not be available when the Bills pick ninth overall.

The way it is being interpreted by teams is that they will not be taking a quarterback, but are willing to trade down with someone who does want a quarterback.

However, there is a good chance the may take former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen as starter Donovan McNabb has yet to be signed to a contract extension.

In the end, who the Redskins take at fourth overall will determine who the Bills will take at ninth overall.

Trades will be a plenty during Draft


Trades this offseason are already higher than normal thanks to the different rules under no salary cap.

When the National Football League Draft commences Thursday fans can expect trades galore over the three days.

The names will be big this year as so far Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell is available via a trade and there are rumors surrounding players like Baltimore Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither, Redskins defensice lineman Albert Haynesworth, Denver Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler, and many more.

The first day should see some activity, but the real activity will take place Friday. The reason being that there is now extra time between the first round and second and most of the players that are rumored to be traded are for second round picks.

In the end, get ready folks this Draft is going to be crazy.

Personal Conduct Policy not working


National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell implemented the Personal Conduct Policy to deter players from getting in trouble off the field.

The fact of the matter is that the Policy is a failure.

According to WOIO-TV, via ProFootballTalk.com, Cleveland Browns running back Chris Jennings was arrested after punch a bouncer outside the Velvet Dog nightclub.

Even during the regular season when players are under the eyes’ of their organization players still are getting in trouble.

If the policy was being effective their would be longer periods of time where players aren’t getting in trouble. However, the longest period of time with out an arrest is anywhere from 20-30 days.

In the end, for the policy to be effective harsher penalties need to be handed out.