Rams are showing why they are a disaster


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Saint Louis Rams will most likely not have quarterback Sam Bradford signed before next week’s upcoming National Football League Draft.

The move show’s why they are a disaster of a franchise.

Three out of the previous first overall picks were signed to contracts before the Draft ever took place and the two of those teams that did this have since turn around their franchise, who were the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans,  while the other one, the Oakland Raiders, that didn’t is still a disaster.

The reason being that it is such a smart move is due to the fact that it can drive down the overall contract that the first overall pick would be signed if the Rams were to negotiate with multiple players at once.

In the end, the Rams have a long ways to go to get back to their glory days.

Good night and good luck.

MMA is the latest craze


According to ProFootballTalk.com, Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant has taken up mixed martial arts training with Fox’s Jay Glazer.

It is clear that MMA training is the latest craze for National Football League Players.

The reason for it most likely is the amount of speed, power, and agility that is used within the octogon.

However, for the life of me I don’t understand why a football player would subject himself to the kind pounding on a body that MMA does when for almost half a year football players already take.

Now, add heavy weightlifting on top of that and you have a recipe for major injury.

In the end, you can expect teams to start putting it in players’ contract that they cannot engage in MMA training.

Not resigning Taylor will haunt Dolphins


When Miami Dolphin brought back outside linebacker Jason Taylor after he played a season with the Washington Redskins by signing him to a one year deal.

If the Dolphins don’t resign Taylor it will come to bite them in the rear.

According to the Miami Herald, via ProFootballTalk.com, that the Dolphins have canceled a meeting with outside linebacker Jason Taylor.

Th earlier that is a huge mistake as earlier this week the Dolphins traded for wide receiver Brandon Marshall who has been in trouble off the field a lot.

Taylor is still effective as he recorded seven sacks last year and at a salary of $1.5 million last year he is a bargain.

On top of that Taylor has long been one of the leaders on the team, which they need to keep Marshal in check.

In the end, Taylor will have a huge year for the Jets as he will be hell bent on proving the Dolphins wrong.

Suh better live up to promise


Former Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will become a very rich man soon since he is projected to go in the top three of next weeks National Football League Draft, which prompted him to make a nice gesture.

For Suh’s sake he better live up to his promise.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, via ProFootballTalk.com, Suh announced at Saturday’s Red-White Game that he’ll donate $2.6 million to the University of Nebraska.

Two million of that will be going to Nebraska’s strength and conditioning program and the $600 thousand will go towards a scholarship for students at Nebraska’s School of Engineering.

Suh’s pledge is nice, but many players before have made a pledge and never followed through and if he doesn’t follow through he will get scrutinized by the media.

In the end, Suh should have kept this to himself and when he actually has the money in a bank account then he should have announced it that way if he changes his mind there would of been no harm done as there was no official commitment.