Clausen just raised his stock


The National Football League invited former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen to attend the upcoming Draft.

According to, Clausen has turned the offer down and the reason for it should make his stock rise.

Clausen was originally planning to go to New York with his family, but he never gave his answer to the NFL yet.

His plans changed after he learned his grandfather, whose wife passed recently, wouldn’t be able to attend.

So, instead Clausen will be in Palm Springs to be with his grandfather, who resides there, and the rest of his family.

In the end, it looks like ESPN’s Todd McShay was wrong about him lacking maturity and if he is there at ninth overall you can be sure the Buffalo Bills are taking him.

Lets play make a deal


Many National Football League experts thought that the most significant player movement would be in free agency with there being no salary cap this year.

Well they were wrong as that is through trades.

The reason for this is the extension of the number of years a player has to have played to become an unrestricted free agent.

So, instead of losing the player and getting nothing in return teams this year were able to hold onto a players rights with a mere tender until they can either broker a long term deal or trade him.

The reason for the flurry of trades this week is due to the fact that the period for teams to work out a long term deal with a restricted free agent has expired.

In the end with the NFL Draft being less than a week away there are sure to be more trades to come.

Saint Louis government better get cracking


There has been speculation for some time now that the Saint Louis Rams could wind up moving back to Los Angeles.

With what is being reported by Howard Blazer of the Saint Louis Globe-Democrat, via, government officials for the city of Saint Louis better get cracking on a new stadium for the Rams.

According to the report Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke, who invoked his rights of first refusal clause in his ownership agreement to buy the remaining 60 percent of the Rams, is a memeber of the National Football Leagues Los Angeles Stadium Working Group committee.

In other words if one of the two stadium plans comes to fruition in LA the Rams will be moving unless Saint Louis comes up with a deal where the Rams have to put  in very little to no money at all for a new stadium.

In the end, for Rams fans the situation has gone to DEFCON one, which means they better get on the phone t local officials to get moving if they are going to keep their team.

Can Carroll resurrect Williams?


Wide receiver Mike Williams was thought to be a a sure fire National Football League star when he was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 2005 National Football League Draft.

Unfortunately, Williams NFL  career has been the complete opposite as he has been nothing short of a bust.

However, Williams will get one last chance to make something of his career.

According to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, via, the Seattle Seahawks have signed Williams to a one year contract.

The Seahawks lost wide receiver Nate Burelson to free agency, which means that fellow wide receiver Deion Branch will fill the second starting wide receiver position while Williams, Deon Butler and Ben Obomanu will battle for the third wide receiver position.

Even though Williams has been out of the NFL for two years the move costs the Seahawks nothing and if there is anyone that will be get Williams to live up to his potential it is Carroll as he knows what Williams can and cannot do.

In the end, if Williams puts the daily amount of work needed to become successful in the NFL  he will make an amazing comeback.