Bills going best player by need


According to the Buffalo News, Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix addressed the media at their annual pre-draft and addressed the projected mock drafts that have the Bills taking a offensive tackle.

After reading the article it is clear that the Bills will take the best player on their board according to need.

“This is the point I’m trying to make. When it comes time, if we think there’s two left tackles in the draft that can come in at No. 9 and make an immediate impact, can play from day one, that’s what we expect from a top 10 draft choice. That’s what we want. Now, if one of those two are not there, then we would look at the next need we have, which might be quarterback, it might be something else. It might be running back or whatever. If the guys we think can come in and make that impact at nine are not there, then we’re going to take the best player on the board,” Nix said

Nix is taking the right approach as in the top 10 it is not about the position that you take it is about the impact of the player as a player at that position should be able to usually start right away.

In the end, for the Bills it will come down to quarterback Jimmy Clausen or defensive tackle Dan Williams as those will be the two available players at position the Bills needs.

Trade for Marshall will go up in flames


According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, via, the Miami Dolphins have traded for wide receiver Brandon Marshallin exchange for a second round pick in this month’s National Football League Draft and a second round pick in the 2011 Draft.

Simply, the trade will be a disaster for the Dolphins.

Marshall has a history of trouble making to the point that his antics got a teammate in the late Darrent Williams killed after aggravating a couple of gangsters whem he sprayed champaign on them.

Also, Marshall has a history of problems with girlfriends and now being in one of the biggest party cities in the world there is only more trouble to come for him.

In the end, the Dolphins are going to regret trading for Marshall.

Lynch isn’t going anywhere


According to Yahoo Sports, via, the Buffalo Bills are willing to trade running back Marshawn Lynch.

With the Bills asking for a second round pick. It is clear Lynch isn’t going anywhere.

Many people may think that the reason that Lynch isn’t going anywhere will be due to the fact that no team will be willing to give up a second rounder.

However, the real reason is that head coach Chan Gailey thinks Lynch is a good football player, which he is quoted as saying, and believes that he can turn him around.

Great coaches like New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick turn these players around, because they take the time to sit down with them and tell them what they expect from them, along with how they should be acting.

In the end, great franchises don’t run from challenges they meet them head on.