Redskins need to suck it up


The Washington Redskins signed defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth last offseason to a $100 million contract, which is now a regret with the team switching to a 3-4 defense. In order to get rid of Haynesworth they are going to have to suck it up and trade for whatever they can get.

Haynesworth would demand a first round draft pick, but there is one major problem he is a HUGE pain in the ass. For if he wasn’t I wouldn’t be writing this in the first place as he would have made the switch to nose tackle like the Redskins want.

However, that is not the case as Haynesworth during last season blasted the coaching staff for not using him the same way as his previous team in the Tennessee Titans did.

Haynesworth does have a point as he is best used as a penetrator and not a space eater.

In the end, if the Redskins were smart they just would let him play defensive end as it would be more suited for his skills.

Good night and good luck.

Old Texas Stadium most memorable moments


Sunday will see the implosion of the Dallas Cowboys old stadium the old Texas Stadium. So, we look back our most memorable moments of the venue.

Two moments come clearly to mind that even the most casual fan will remember.

First, there is wide receicver Terrell Owens as when he was a San Francisco 49er after a toucjdown he decided to sprint the 50 yard line looked up to the sky throught oh so famous hole in the roof with his arms stretched out.

If your stupid enough to put a hole in the roof so god can watch football you deserve a moment like that. After all this is god we are talking about and he can see everything.

Secondly, there is the infamous Thanksgiving Day game where former Cowboys defensive tackle Leon Lett touched the football after a blocked field goal, which led to a fumble and the Miami Dolphins getting it back.

For those of you who don’t know when a ball that is blocked goes past the line of scrimmage the kicking team, which was the Dolphins, cannot touch the ball until someone from the field goal blocking team, which was the Cowboys, touches it first.

The ball did go past the line of scrimmage, which means Lett never had to touch the football.

In the end, being a Bills fan its always fun to watch the Cowboys go down in flames, especiall since my wife is a Cowboys fan, which she did not divulge until a couple of years in the relationship.

The consipracy theories are flying


With the National Football League in the midst of the offseason, which means team executives sometimes have a lot of time on their hands.  That can sometimes result in some consipiracy theories, which are flying as a result of the recent trade of quarterback Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Washington Redskins.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, via, NFL executives believe that the Eagles traded McNabb to the Redskins in order to prevent the Redskins from trading up and drafting Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.  The reason being that the Eagles are very high on Bradford and don’t want to have to play him twice a year for the next decade, according to the executives.

As crazy as it sounds it could possibly be true as McNabb is 33 years old and behind a terrible offensive line like the Redskins he will age quickly with all the hitting.  Also, McNabb has a history of injuries and behind this offensive line it is a good possibility that he will go down with an injury.

In the end, if this theory is true and Bradford winds up somewhere else other than the Redskins it will be remembered as one of the most brilliant trades if all-time.

A newly found respect


Many may think that plantar fascitis is not a big deal. However, this journalist has developed a new found respect for it.

Recently, my wife’s heel has been in a extreme amount of pain, which she finally addressed Thursday by seeing a Podiatrist with diagonsis being plantar fascitis.

What is plantar fascitis? According to the informational brochure she was given, it is a thick fiborus band that supports the arch that can become irrated and painful through over use.

A couple of years ago Buffalo Bills cornerback Ashton Youboty developed and tried playing through it.

Even walking on it too much around the house make it be extremely pain her. That means for Youboty he went through a great amount of pain just to even practice and play.

In the end, next time you hear a Bills player with this expect them to miss the rest of the year as rest, along with tape, a walking boot, medication, and other techniques, over the course of three months, is the main way to treat it.

Some hope for Vikings


The Minnesota Vikings have been pushing for a new stadium for a while now. Finally, Vikings fans have some hope.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune,, Senate Taxes Chairman Tom Bakk told the publication that most of the elements for a new stadium deal is in place for.

That is good news to hear considering that the NFC North has provided some classic divisions games and if the Vikings were to move things just wouldn’t be the same.

National Football League fans outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars are supportive of their teams.

In the end, outside of the Jaguars no NFL team should move from its current city as fans have given their teams so much already.