This isn’t a surprise


Last year we wrote that there is a good possibility that Albert Haynesworth could be done after one year with the Redskins. That looks to be the case.

According to, the Washington Redskins have paid defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth $21 million option bonus last week. That means Haynes worth only has three years and $16 million left on the deal.

Haynesworth was setup for failure right from the get go due to the expectations that were set from the amount of the deal.

However, the bigger reason for the failure is the fact that the Redskins have so much turnover at head coach and head coaches don’t want to deal with the head ache that comes with Haynesworth’s contract.

In the end, the writing was on the wall from the get go.

Good night and good luck.

Could Allen and Shanahan be one and done?


Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has a quick trigger finger when it comes to firing head coaches. With Redskins general manager Bruce Allen asmission is setting up both him and head coach Mike Shanahan to be possibly fired after one year.

According to, via, Allen admitted on Sirius NFL Radio that they have contacted former Dallas Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams.

If the Redskins were to sign Adams that means Snyder would expect his team to make an imediate turn around and win more than 10 games, make the playoffs, and possibly win the division.

The only way that the Redskins could make the turn around is if they also took an offensive tackle at fourth overall in the upcoming National Football League Draft.

However, there is still the possibility that the Redskins could take a quarterback, according to reports in Washington.

In the end, Shanahan is dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight and when you dance with devil there will be a price to pay, which will be his reputation.



When a player is release from a team from time to time they will hook up with a coach that made them successful to recapture that success. However, in one possible scenario with quarterback Marc Bulger ouch comes to mind.

With the Saint Louis Rams releasing Bulger yesterday rumors are running rampant on where he will land.

One of the possibilities is the Detroit Lions as offensive coordinator Scott Linehan coached Bulger previously.

According to Howard Blazer of the Saint Louis Press-Democrat, via, stated this on how Bulger feelings of Linehan, “Is despise too harsh a word for how he feels about Linehan?”


In other words hell would have to freeze over before he goes there. That won’t happen considering the need for quality quarterbacks.

In the end, Bulger will be a starter somewhere considering his past success.

Yes, another change


The site has once again undr gone a change to its appearance. However, this time it should stick.

The last change helped with the overall format of articles, but there was one problem. That being the back ground came out looking pink even though in the appearance settings I clicked on red and blue was no better as it more looked like purple.

So, I finally caved in to my urge and finally switched to this theme to represent my Buffalo Bills.

Will this be the last change? Probably not as I am going to seek out some computer science majors to help me out with the appearance of the site and supposively for my communications and web publishing classs we will get into dreamweaver, which designs websites for those who never heard of it, along with html code editing to change the appearance of our blogs.

In the end, with the National Football League Draft, along with April being last full month of school this semester, it is going to be a crazy month.

Karma is a you know what


It was reported several weeks ago that the New Orleans Saints would be removing 1,200 seats to make way for a new press box, so that the old one can be turned into luxury suites.  Finally, karma is starting to come bite them in the end.

According to WWLTV, via, the Saints are getting tired of the constant media attention that has not died down since the story broke.

Never in my life have I heard a franchise screw over fans right after they just won a Superbowl.

Even though they have been near the lower end when it comes to revenue, the fact is that they are making a ton of money right now on merchandise, corporate sponsorships, and if the struck a naming rights deal for their stadium.  That means there is no need to be adding the suites.

Yes, long term they need to add more luxury suites, but that should be after the effects of their Superbowl win subside.

In the end, the move was just pure greed to capitalize on corporations willingness to spend money on the team and now they are going to pay for it.