Lions will take a defensive tackle


It has been thought for many weeks that the Detroit Lions would take one of the top defensive tackles in the upcoming National Football League Draft.  According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen’s Twitter page, the Lions will be taking a defensive tackle at second overall.

Per Mortensen, what sealed it was the trade for for guard Rob Sims as they were looking to add another offensive lineman to the starting offensive line, and got that in Simms.

What also assures that the Lions will take a defensive tackle is the fact that New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove signed his tender with the Saints and that they traded defensive end Robert Henderson.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what position the Lions first round pick plays as long as it turns into a long term starter.

Good night and good luck.

Tebow is rising fast


According to, former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is rising fast on National Football League Draft boards.  That means if the Bills want Tebow it will have to be at ninth overall.

Tebow’s father Bob Tebow thinks that he will be taken in the top 15 of the Draft.  That prediction will most likely come to fruition.

Successful quarterbacks in the NFL like Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady work their butts off getting their timing down with their receivers and breaking down game film to know every little nuance possibly about the upcoming opponents’ defense.

Tebow has that same work ethic as he has been working his butt off to get his throwing motion corrected.  Teams realized this after Tebow’s Pro Day where he displayed his new throwing motion.

As good as Tebow may become there is a good possibility that the Bills could be leapfrogged by the Jacksonville Jaguars who pick 10th overall as owner Wayne Weaver has stated he likes Tebow as well.

In the end, it is going to be one wild ride for Tebow come the day of the draft.

Bills have another option


According to, the Saint Louis Rams have released quarterback Marc Bulger.  That means the Bills now have a backup plan in the event a trade for Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell doesn’t work out.

The release of Bulger was expected by the Rams as he was scheduled to make $8.5 million in 2010.

The question is though why did it take so long to release him?

The most likely answer is that they wanted to make sure that former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford’s shoulder was right as he out off throwing until his Pro Day, which happened to on March 29th.

However, Bulger is 33 years old and coming off a season that saw him start only eight games.  So, with Campbell being only 28 years old Bulger will be the second option.

In the end, hopefully the Bills will acquire Campbell considering the Bills developing offensive line.

Chiefs are a wild card


In last year’s National Football League Draft the Kansas City Chiefs turned some heads when they selected defensive end Tyson Jackson third overall even though he wasn’t graded as high by many NFL Draft experts.   That means the way the Draft will unfold will all depend on what the Chiefs do at fifth overall.

The Chiefs last year hired Scott Pioli to take over the team and with Pioli being previously with the New England Patriots brought their draft style.  That means nobody is going to know what they are going to do until the very day of the Draft.

Also, that entails taking a player that they think will best fit their system no matter where it is in the draft, which they proved last year.

In the end, whoever falls in the Draft can thanks the Chiefs.

Surprise Surprise


Accroding to ESPN 980 in Washington, via, the Buffalo Bills are in on the Jason Campbell sweepstakes.  That folks is no surprise at all to this reporter.

The news is not surprising due to the fact that the Bills were in on the bidding for quarterback Donovan McNabb, which obviously didn’t pan out.  Also, head coach Chan Gailey is quoted as to saying that he wants the quarterback situation resolved come time of the National football League Draft.

Campbell would be an upgrade over the current stable of quarterbacks, but the question is how much are the Redskins asking for?

With five teams in on the bidding the price will probably start at a fifth round draft pick in this years draft and then rise up to about a third with all the bidding.

Campbell last year completed 327 of 507 passes for a 64.5 completion percentage throwing for 3,618 yards passing with 20 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

The fact of the matter is that the reason why the Redskins were bad was not due to Campbell, but to the fact that they couldn’t run the ball or stop the run.

In the end, if the Bills land Campbell they will finally have a legitimate starting quarterback

It’s not about value when it comes to the Draft


Many teams in the National Football League during the Draft weigh a players value according to their prospect board versus where they are picking.  The fact of the matter is that is usually the wrong thing to do.

Of players drafted only half of the players taken in the first round turn out to be long term starters.  In the second round that number decreases from about five to 10 players.  In the third round it ranges about three to five and every round there after it ranges from one to three players.

Where teams get in trouble is when their pick comes up instead of taking a player , at a certain position, that best fits into what they are going to do scheme wise teams instead usually wind up just taking the best player available on their board.

Just because a player has a high set of skills doesn’t mean anything.  It is how a player fits into your schemes and how hard is a player going to work at becoming the best he can be.

In the end, we will see on Draft day what approach will take under general manager Buddy Nix.