Eagles should be fine with Kolb


The Philadelphia Eagles made a gutsy move today trading away long time starting quarterback Donovan McNabb.  However, the Eagles should be just fine with quarterback Kevin Kolb at the helm.

Kolb started two games last year for the Eagles completing 55 of 85 passes for a 64.7 completion percentage throwing for 718 yards passing with four touchdowns and three interceptions with all three interceptions coming against the New Orleans Saints.

The problem with the Eagles is that they don’t have a consistent running game, so there are always a few games each year where the Eagles get caught in a shootout where no matter if it was McNabb or Kolb they would throw a couple interceptions trying to keep up.

In the end, it won’t matter who starts at quarterback as without a legitimate running game the Eagles will never win the Superbowl.

Good night and good luck.

Will Bills go after Campbell?


With the Washington Redskins trading for quarterback Donovan McNabb that means quarterback Jason Campbell is now available via a trade. The question is will the Bills trade for him?

Campbell has been inconsistent in his time with the Redskins, but he has had two different head coaches and the offense installed last year by head coach Jim Zorn was pathetic.

Campbell would be an instant upgrade over the current roster of quarterbacks and wouldn’t cost that much to trade for.

Also, Bills head coach Chan Gailey is known for developing quarterbacks and getting the most out of them.

in the end, if the Bills can acquire Campbell for no higher than a third rounder it would be worth while.

A short stay for Shanahan


The Washington Redskins stunned the National Football League by trading for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. However, the trade will be the very reason Resskins head coach Mike Shanahan will be gone in a few years.

The problem is head coache like Shanahan are stuck in their ways. That means McNabb will have to conform to Shanahan’s offense, which is bad for veteran quarterbacks.

Shanahan’s offense includes a lot of play action rollouts and scrambling, which McNabb completely opposite of what he has done with the Eagles.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid runs a west coast offense, which means the quarterback pretty much just drops back in the pocket and if none of his wide receivers are open check it down to a running back with seldomly having to scramble.

McNabb is not nearly as good of a runner as he once was due to the torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered a few years ago.

In the end, if Shanahan doesn’t adjust his offense to McNabb Redskins owner Dan Snyder will be giving them their pink slip earlier than anticipated.

Forget it Bills fans


Many Buffalo Bills fans want an offensive tackle in the first round of the upcoming National Football League Draft. Well with the Washington Redskins trading for quarterback Donovan McNabb Bills fans can forget it.

With the Redskins trading for McNabb, it is now a sure fire bet that the Redskins will take the best offensive tackle available.

It is also thought that the Seattle Seahawks will take an offensive tackle with the retirement of Walter Jones and the trade for quarterback Charlie Whitehurst.

There are only four offensive tackle that are thought to be worth taking in the top fifteen, but with the Redskins trading for McNabb there is sure to be another team lower than the Bills to trade up for an offensive tackle.

In the end, unless one of the top quarterbacks are there the Bills will most likely trade down or take defensive tackle.