Bills coaches were applying earlier than thought


Sometimes youy never know when news will strike, which includes a casual conversation at the gym. In the conversation it was revealed that Bills coaches were applying for jobs earlier than thought.

Many Bills probably think that Bills coaches started putting their resumes into teams in the last quarter of the season. Actually, some coaches were passing them out earlier than that.

The source, who in a direct conversation with the former Bills coach was told halfway through the season that he is done and then shortly there after put his house on the market, along with handing out their resumes.

The big question is that if you are pretty much packing it in why not just resign and let someone else take over.

In the end, in the end all the crap Bills fans went through will be worth while if general manager Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey turns it around.

Good night and good luck.

Ravens defense’s last stand?


The Baltimore Ravens defense has been a consistent dominating force for the past decade. However, that may come to an end after 2010.

The problem is that the main core players of the Ravens defense are showing their age. That means their bodies aren’t able to hold up like they use to.

First, there is free safety Ed Reed who missed the last four games of this past regular season. Most likely due to this, Reed in a radio interview admitted he has been contemplating retirement.

Secondly, the anchor for their defensive line nose tackle Kelly Gregg is 33 years old and missed all of the 2008 season with an injury. Also, players that are over weight decline quicker due to the fact that the extra weight they are carrying wears their bodies out faster.

Last, but surely not least, middle linebacker Ray Lewis has been the heart and sould of the defense for over a decade. However, he is turning 35 in May and unless his pay declines with accordance to his skill he will have to be replaced soon.

In the end, its time for the defense to get an overhaul.

Defense is the Key for Texans


The Houston Texans have developed a potent offense with quarterback Matt Schaub at the helm. However, the key to the Texans making it into the playoffs for the first time ever is the defense.

The Texans last year would stay in game with the likes of the Indianapolis Colts, but eventually would lose.  The reason being the defense would collapse in the fourth quarter.

The problem with the defense is that the defensive line outside of defensive end Mario Williams it is average.

Defensive tackle Amobi Okeye was a first round pick in the 2007 National Football League Draft and needs to step it up in 2010 to avoid a bust label as he record only 1.5 sacks last year..

Fellow starting defensive tackle Shaun Cody was a dissapointment last year recording just half a sack after coming over to the Texans via free agency.

Then there is defensive end Antonio Smith who also came over in free agency prior to last year. Smith has been a dissapointment as well recording 4.5 sacks last year.

In the end, if the Texans are going to take the next step and make the playoffs they need to draft more defensive lineman.