Roethlisberger’s future coming to ahead


According to WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, PA, via, Milledgeville police will be sending their case to the prosecutor in regards to allegations of rape by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. That means Roethlisberger’s career in the National Football League will come to ahead.

District attorney’s are elected officials that will always pursue cases of rape and murder, especially when a celebrity is suspect of committing the crime. The exception being the Mike Vick case as the local prosecutor for whatever reason turned yellow.

If the district attorney has any case at all against Roethlisberger charges will be filed. That means Roethlisberger’s career will be in doubt.

What has not been mentioned is the fact that there could also be charges of battery filed against Roethlisberger if he hit the victim. That would only increase the length of jail time if charged and convicted.

So, what should Roethlisberger do if charged?

That depends on what the prosecution’s evidence is. If it is pretty solid he should take the plea deal serve his time and reach a monetary settlement with the victim. That way he will have a chance at returning to the National Football League.

In the end, even if Roethlisberger is innocent he is getting what he deserves for using his status to hookup with women.

Good night and good luck.

Bills get their man


The Buffalo Bills were in need of a nose tackle. According to a source, with today’s earlier events in mind the Bills traded for nose tackle Shaun Rodgers.

For Rodgers the Bills sent a fifth round pick in the upcoming National Football League Draft and a seventh round pick in 2011 Draft.

The source described it as a win win situation as the Bills address a big need and the Browns got rid of a player that some coaches grew tired of.

Obviously, the outcome of the charges will determine how long of a suspension Rodgers will get, which should probably be only a couple games.

In the end, the Bills did a good job with defensive tackle Sam Adams and should be able to again with Rodgers.

P.S. April Fools!

Players shouldn’t be judged for skipping workout program


Monday saw that start of the Buffalo Bills offseason workout program where some players were not in attendance, which included running back Marshawn Lynch.  As quick people are to judge the character of people judging National Football Players for skipping the workouts is meaningless.

Humans are creatures of habit as we typically don’t like to change things.  That goes for football players as well when it comes to working out.

Football players up until they have reached the NFL have worked out a certain way.  Then when they get to the NFL they are asked to change their workouts to work on more specialized training.

However, the person that has the final say is the player himself as not always a particular routine will workout for that said player.  That means a player needs to adjust a routine to what works best for that player.

That includes trainers as players in the offseason have their own trainers and prefer them to the team’s strength and conditioning coaches.  As Bills fans have learned over the last several years NFL trainers are not all equal.

In the end, a player should judge for his performance on the field and any illegal conduct off of it.