Bradford would be foolish to holdout


Over the past four National Football League Drafts the three out of the four first overall picks were signed before the Draft even started.  That might be the case if Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford was selected first overall.

According to, Bradford could refuse to resign a pre-draft contract.

That would be the worst thing to do as the smart teams start negotiating with multiple picks at the same time.  That way they can get a deal done at the lowest possible price as contracts for rookies have spiraled out of control.

If Bradford would at the least slip to fourth overall to the Washington Redskins, but it’s not guaranteed they will take a quarterback as they also have a gaping hole at left tackle.

In the end, this year the draft is deep and anyone taking a stand for more money is foolish as teams always get their way.

Good night and good luck.

Bills can address left tackle before the Draft


One of the needs of the Buffalo Bills is an offensive tackle.  There is now one possibility to address the position without having to use or give up a first round pick in the upcoming National Football League Draft.

According to, Baltimore Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither is available for trade.  The reason being that he is a restricted free agent and most likely wants to get paid starting left tackle money.

According to the report,  a team offering a second round pick would get the conversation going.  That means the Ravens want a second round pick and something else, which is most likely a fourth round pick as well.

Gaither has started 27 games at left tackle since taking over for long time starting left tackle Jonathan Ogden who retired prior to the 2008 season.

Gaither has become expendable due to the selection of offensive tackle Michael Oher in the first round of last years NFL Draft.  Also, the Ravens most likely think that Oher will be the better of the two.

In the end, the Bills better jump in quick if they want Gaither as reportedly the Redskins have offered their second round pick already.

Here is some evidence


In an earlier post I wrote that women cannot be trusted with secrets, because of the way that women communicate with each other.  Well here is some evidence to back it up.

Here is the full article by Lynda R Williams, yes a different name appears as the author as it is Brett R Williams that does the writing, but asked his wife to write this one, from

Men Bond Differently Than Women Do

By: Brett R. Williams

Being the only female in my household has taught me a few things about the male of the species. In some ways men are quite different from women. I grew up with only sisters for siblings and when my husband and I got married there were a few things I noticed about men. One thing that really stands out is that men bond by doing things together.

When I bond with my girlfriends we have deep conversations, share intimate details of our lives and spend a lot of time expressing our feelings. Here is a story to illustrate this point, one day my husband Brett and I were at another couple’s house for dinner. Barb and I began talking and inquiring about each other’s lives; while we noticed that our husbands had gone outside with a shovel and a hammer. Curious, we followed them to find them repairing a wooden post next to a gate. I turned to Barb and said, “Can you imagine if you came to my house and I asked you to help me mop my floor or repair a sink?” We laughed, but the lesson was not lost on me. The men were bonding by participating in this act together.

The act the men participate in is not always a mundane chore; it could be cooking the steaks or going surfing. The point is that they are doing something together. My husband Brett recently went motorcycle riding with a guy friend. I marveled at guy bonding time once again, as there was no possibility of any talking while riding motorcycles.

Now here is the really interesting thing from a woman’s point of view. The activity the men bond over is satisfying and bonding for them, even if it never leads to any meaningful conversation. It is the shared experience connects them.

Now I have a husband who is an excellent communicator, but if you find you are having trouble getting your husband to talk with you about important issues, I suggest that you plan an outing. It can be as simple as walking the dog around the neighborhood together. Giving men something to do may put them in a place where they feel they are bonding with you. Creating that feeling of connection on their terms may help them move into a place where they can talk with you and listen to you. If you need help talking to your partner, our relationship experts at can help you talk it through.

About the Author

Lynda R. Williams is an educational consultant for . We offer relationship coaching, marriage education classes, marriage counseling and other relationship resources.

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Article Source: Bond Differently Than Women Do

Kelly was asked to go


According to the wife of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, who is Jill Kelly, Kelly met up with former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow for dinner Sunday.  A source has confirmed that Kelly was indeed asked by the franchise to attend.

I haven’t confirmed this, but I suspect that in addition to Kelly other members of the Bills were there as well, which probably included CEO Russ Brandon, general manager Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey.

There was a report a while back that Tebow would meet with the Bills and this is probably that.

In the end, if the Bills want Tebow they will have to trade up from the second round in this April’s National Football League Draft to do so.

It goes to show u cannot trust women


Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has been an advocate of former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.  As much as he loves his wife Jill Kelly he knows that you cannot trust women with somethings.

According to Jill Kelly’s Twitter page, via, Jim had dinner with Tebow Sunday.  Most likely Jim met with Tebow on behalf of the Bills.

Jill like most other Bills fans wanted to know everything that went on.  However, she was rebuffed as Jim state that he isn’t going to, because she would post it on Twitter.

That was proven to be true as Jill posted that on Twitter page.

That is the problem with women you tell them something and they will turn around and blurt it out to someone else.  The reason being that women bond with each other verbally by telling the secrets that they know.

In the end, if you want something to remain a secret don’t tell your wife.

A smart move


Football players are learning the benefits of working out in swimming pools. The latest is New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss, which is a very smart move.

Moss is 33 years old and according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, via, Moss swims in order to stay in shape.  The reason he now swims is that it alleviates the pressure on his knees.

That is huge for Moss as has some bad knees, which were seen with bags on last year.

Moss isn’t the first player to use it as Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch uses swimming to stay in shape as well.

In the end, with football being as physical as it is more players will start turning to this to alleviate pressure of their ailing bodies while being able to stay in shape.

Good night and good luck

Division games in Week 16 and 17 isn’t the answer


According to, National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell will try to solve teams packing it in on weeks 16 and 17 by make them divisional game weeks. The fact of the matter is this doesn’t solve the problem.

The problem is that teams that have clinched their division and are locked into a certain seed for the playoffs will not start their starters in the last two weeks of the season to rest them for the playoffs.

The reason the division games won’t work is due to the fact that a team could could go undefeated or lose one or two games and could have clinched everything or be locked into their playoff seed already.  That would then make the divisional game a moot point.

In the end, the way to fix it is put consequences in place for teams that rest their starters.

Steelers need to make it clear


The Pittsburgh Steelers are taking it on the chin public relations wise as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s saga has brought nothing but bad publicity. The Steelers need to make it clear to Roethlisberger that this can never happen again after what is being reported in the Baltimore Sun, via

According to the report, Baltimore Ravens Public Relations executive Kevin Byrne stated this at a media breakfast during owners meetings, “I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a quarterback who prefers to spend his nights watching TV on his mom’s couch.”

You know things are bad when other teams’ employees are taking shots at you.

The question from here on out the Steelers have to ask is will it be worth while to keep Roethlisberger around?

The fact is with the club’s manager stating that Roethlisberger’s entourage was protecting the bathroom where the incident took place it is starting to not look good.

In the end as good as Roethlisberger is it not worth the head ache to keep him.

Bills luck out


The Buffalo Bills pursued linebacker Joey Porter after he was released by the Miami Dolphins. Fortunately, with Porter signing th the Arizona Cardinals the Bills avoided another head ache.

According to TMZ, via, Porter was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Porter pulled over for a friend that got pulled over by police. That turned out to be a bad idea.

When the police officer was talking to Porter the officer smelled alcohol coming from Porter’s car, and then asked for his liscense.

Porter replied by rolling up his window, which then prompted the officer to stick his hand in the window to unlock the door.

When the officer stuck his hand in Porter slapped it, which is where he was charged with assault

The incident should result in Porter being suspended for a couple games at the start of the 2010 season.

In the end, luckily the Bills didn’t sign him, because they don’t need more incidents like this.

Tebow is already making a killing


Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is not even officially apart of the National Football League. However, that hasn’t stopped him from making a lot of money.

According to the Palm Beach Post, via, Tebow held another autograph session in Flroida where he charged $160 and about 900 people showed.

That turns out to be $144 thousand for a guy that hasn’t started a gane for the NFL. That doesn’t include the $75 for a photo.

What is it about Tebow that has made him so popular?

Most likely it is the hype that surrounds him after how he performed in college.

In the end whoever takes him will make some money off him.