Roseman already looking like a fool


According to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports, Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is developing a reputation within the National Football League as a shakedown artist.  In others words Roseman has done the impossible and has become the biggest fool in the NFL.

The problem is that Roseman’s initial trade demands were so ridiculous that NFL executives are hitting the ignore button when Roseman calls their cell phone.  That means the Eagles will be stuck with a disgruntled quarterback in Donovan McNabb unless they lower their trade demands.

That means the Eagles have so far only received offers for a second or third round picks for McNabb.   With ESPN’s  Sal Paolantonio, via, reporting that there is no favorite for McNabb that will most likely be a third since cat is out of the bag and the Eagles have waited so long.

In the end, the best thing for the Eagles to do is take the best offer available right now to save whatever face they have left, because every day they wait the offers will only get worst.

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