Browns can expect more claims to be filed


According to, former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joe Jurevicius scored a huge win in court today as most of his claims in a lawsuit against the Browns can proceed at the state court level.  That means other former players who have suffered staph infections on while playing for the Browns will start filing cases.

The Browns took the case to federal court to have federal law supersede, or in other words take priority over state law, which would have thrown out the case.  However, judge Solomon Oliver, Jr. ruled that all but two of the claims may proceed at the state level.

That means the Browns will soon or later settle with Jurevicius to make it go away.  Once former Browns players that suffered from staph infections hear of the settlements the light bulb will go off and they will realize they are also entitled to some form of compensation.

In the end, the Browns knew they had a problem, but for whatever reason didn’t deal with it properly and now they are getting what they deserve.

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