Clearing the air


A reader pointed out that the site was apart of a promo for the Brad Riter show on WECK Hometown1230 and asked what is up with Brad and I.  So, I decided to clear things up.

I don’t have a problem with Brad as him mentioning my site on his show is free publicity and no matter what he says in regard to my site he is doing me a favor.

What I said was wrong as I was going off information from a reader.

In the end, hopefully that clears things up and hopefully one day I will get to do an in-studio interview.

Jackson’s last chance


The Buffalo Bills announced today that they have signed free agent wide receiver Chad Jackson.  The reality is that this is Jackson’s last chance at becoming an elite wide receiver.

Jackson was taken in the second round of the 2006 National Football League Draft by the New England Patriots.  However, Jackson lasted only two years there.

Jackson was then signed by the Denver Broncos, but he only lasted four games there.

Jackson has the speed and size combination that many teams are looking for in running a 4.32 40 yard dash for the Bills and is 6’1″ and is 218 pounds.  However, for a wide receiver it is not all about physical tools.

As Bills wide receiver Lee Evans has stated in the past there is a lot to being an elite wide receiver in the National Football League.  For example, elite cornerbacks read a wide receiver’s body language for indicators on what route the receiver is running.  If the receiver doesn’t pay attention to this he will tip off his route before he has even made his break.

In the end, the battle for the number two wide receiver position should be interesting at training camp and should yield some nice catches during training camp.

Browns can expect more claims to be filed


According to, former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joe Jurevicius scored a huge win in court today as most of his claims in a lawsuit against the Browns can proceed at the state court level.  That means other former players who have suffered staph infections on while playing for the Browns will start filing cases.

The Browns took the case to federal court to have federal law supersede, or in other words take priority over state law, which would have thrown out the case.  However, judge Solomon Oliver, Jr. ruled that all but two of the claims may proceed at the state level.

That means the Browns will soon or later settle with Jurevicius to make it go away.  Once former Browns players that suffered from staph infections hear of the settlements the light bulb will go off and they will realize they are also entitled to some form of compensation.

In the end, the Browns knew they had a problem, but for whatever reason didn’t deal with it properly and now they are getting what they deserve.

Reason for theme changes


Well as you noticed I changed the theme again.  The reason for that is the appearance of articles.

When looking at the site yesterday I realized something.  The way the theme was setup articles were coming out not looking right.

This one looks better and allows a logo installment.  So, in the near future we should have one.

In the end, hopefully this works out better.

Roseman already looking like a fool


According to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports, Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is developing a reputation within the National Football League as a shakedown artist.  In others words Roseman has done the impossible and has become the biggest fool in the NFL.

The problem is that Roseman’s initial trade demands were so ridiculous that NFL executives are hitting the ignore button when Roseman calls their cell phone.  That means the Eagles will be stuck with a disgruntled quarterback in Donovan McNabb unless they lower their trade demands.

That means the Eagles have so far only received offers for a second or third round picks for McNabb.   With ESPN’s  Sal Paolantonio, via, reporting that there is no favorite for McNabb that will most likely be a third since cat is out of the bag and the Eagles have waited so long.

In the end, the best thing for the Eagles to do is take the best offer available right now to save whatever face they have left, because every day they wait the offers will only get worst.

Peters trade working in Bills favor


The Buffalo Bills took a big gamble last year when they traded away left tackle Jason Peters for a first round National Football League Draft pick, which turned out to be guard Eric Wood.  Already it looks like the trade is paying off for the Bills.

According to Tim Graham of, an ESPN Insiders article rated Peters as the worst rated left tackle in the NFL as he allowed seven sacks and four hurries.  Looks like the Bills front office were right on this one.

Eagles last year allowed 38 sacks, which means Peters accounted for a little bit under for one fifth of the total number of sacks.

The fact of the matter is that this is the second straight year that Peters has allowed the most number of sacks of starting left tackle.

You can be assured that Eagles fans are a astute and vocal group of people, which means if Peters doesn’t improve they are going to be ripping the Eagles brass apart for trading for Peters.

In the end,  the Bills front office just might be getting its act together.